Men and Women Search for Jobs Differently


men and womens facesHow do women and men differ when looking for jobs? LinkedIn, a business and employment-oriented website with headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, released its Gender Insight Report in March to answer just that question.

Based on interactions between companies and job candidates and recruiters on its site, the report noted:

  1. Men and women are equally open to new jobs.
  2. Women are 20% less likely to apply for jobs they find.
  3. LinkedIn cited research that suggests women tend not to apply for jobs unless they meet all of the qualifications. Men tend to apply if they meet at least 60%.
  4. When women apply for jobs, they are 16% more likely to get the job and 18% more likely to get hired for more senior roles.
  5. Recruiters are 13% less likely to click on a woman’s profile when she shows up in a search.
  6. Women place a higher priority on salary range and benefits (68%) than men do (58%).
  7. Women care more about the day-to-day tasks of a role than men (50% to 40%) but men were more concerned about long-term career opportunities (34% to 28%).


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