The Sleep Issue


For Better Sleep Month, we have assembled lively articles to help you sell more and better bedding

In this issue, we celebrate the importance of rest and the mattress-sleep-health connection in honor of Better Sleep Month. Sponsored by the Better Sleep Council (the consumer education arm of the International Sleep Products Association), Better Sleep Month is a time-honored tradition, spanning more than six decades. Its mission: to raise awareness about the benefits of better sleep and sleep products, and how poor sleep can disrupt our lives. With all the disruptions we’ve experienced over the past 15 months from the Covid-19 pandemic, that message is more relevant today than ever. 

So, what’s in our sleep issue? Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Exclusive BSC research: The third in a six-part series, this issue’s article — drawn from a broad consumer survey conducted in 2020 by the BSC — reports on mattress preferences and the mattress replacement cycle. Editor at large David Perry presents key points, such as size is the single most important feature when consumers are considering a mattress, cited by 49% of consumers.
  • Sales strategies: To help your customers wake up to the importance of sleep, Julie A. Palm discusses myriad ways you can reinforce the life-enhancing value of a mattress bought either in-store or online. She also provides tips for staying up on sleep research and following other best practices.
  • Product spotlight: As you know, consumers are fussy about their pillows. Shoppers not only are looking for comfort but also “want solutions customized to their sleep needs,” one supplier says. We offer a roundup of the latest technologies and innovations in pillows. We also provide numerous sales and merchandising suggestions, such as curating your pillow selection and beginning the sales process by having your customer choose a pillow. 

Ode to masks at retail

What to have some fun with Sleep Savvy? To help draw the retail bedding industry closer, I invite you to share your favorite Covid-19 face mask. It can include your store’s logo, favorite design or whatever strikes your fancy. Email a photo, your name, and your store’s name and location to, and we will publish them in an upcoming issue.

Happy reading and happy Better Sleep Month!