Culp Launches Wellness-Focused Upholstery Collection


Home textiles maker Culp has partnered with Nanobionic for a new line of wellness-focused fabrics. The collection, Culp Powered by Nanobiotic, was designed to serve as a “charging station” for the human body, improving restoration and relaxation.

Nanobionic is a mineral-based coating that transforms the user’s natural body heat into invisible waves of energy that flow back into the body, promoting an increase of blood flow that improves circulation and enhances recovery, according to a news release. The coating can be used on any type of textile, leather or artificial leather.

“The demand for innovation continues to grow as consumers look for new solutions to improve and enhance their everyday lives,” said Tammy Buckner, senior vice president of design and marketing, Culp’s upholstery fabrics division. “The Culp Powered by Nanobionic fabric collection, which is offered in a beautiful array of fabrics featuring soft textures and stylish colors, allows people to use their furniture to relax, recharge and recover within the comfort of their own homes.”

The Culp Powered by Nanobionic line builds on the company’s LiveSmart performance collection and its LiveSmart Evolve sustainability fabrics.

“We believe incorporating the Nanobionic technology into upholstered furniture that consumers use each day can be a game-changing solution for offering a performance product that now works to enhance the body,” said Iv Culp, president and CEO of Culp, based in High Point, North Carolina.

Nanobionic products are registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration as general wellness products.