Hopeful in High Point


Steady traffic, design tweaks, new collaborations and calming sleep were some of the highlights of this traditionally quiet bedding market

In some ways, the High Point Market, June 5-9, felt like a return to normal. Vaccinated folks felt free to leave their masks off, and many offered their hands for a hearty shake. In other ways, it was unlike any previous market. North Carolina in June has a different feel — higher temps, more rain showers and humidity — and this year the market, usually held in April, felt distinct. Certainly, traffic was lighter and some showrooms were quieter, although most seemed to be steadily busy. Product introductions ran the gamut from making established brands more affordable to bringing in high-end luxury mattresses for those still craving comfort. Natural components continued be a selling point, while calming CBD products, which began gaining in popularity before the pandemic, continued to be an attractive addition to bedding.

Here’s a look at what Sleep Savvy found in High Point.

Note: All prices are suggested retails for a queen-size mattress only unless otherwise noted.

Keep Calm and Carry On

After debuting the b-Calm CBD-infused mattresses line in early 2020, licensing group Therapedic International was back with complementary accessories. An aptly named b-Tranquil linen and room CBD spray and CBD tincture are designed to amplify the calming effects of CBD in the bedroom and create a soothing sleep environment. “The b-Calm line gives dealers an exciting, high-quality, made in the USA product that is a complete sleep system with clinical evidence that it can help with both falling asleep and staying asleep,” said Gerry Borreggine, president and chief executive officer of the Princeton, New Jersey-based company. “The (b-Tranquil) CBD accessories provide retailers more talking points and give consumers a reason to return to the store to purchase refills.”

Joint Venture

Stuart Carlitz, president and chief executive officer of Eclipse International (left), and Steve Sciortino, chief financial officer and chief operating officer (right), perch on the Windsor 8000, one of the first models to come from a joint venture between the North Brunswick, New Jersey-based manufacturer and U.K.-based Millbrook Beds. The tufted, two-sided, foam-free beds feature hand-side-stitching and natural fabrics and fills, such as crimped wool, cotton, cashmere, angora and silk. A single black tuft on each bed represents the black-faced sheep from Hampshire, England, where Millbrook is headquartered. With as many as 8,000 hand-nested pocket springs, the five beds in the collection retail from $2,199 to $6,500. 

Of Paramount Importance

At the October High Point Market, mattress manufacturer Paramount Sleep Co. debuted its millennial-focused Paramount collection. At this market, the Norfolk, Virginia-based company presented its new logo and marketing with the idea of East Coast luxury. Managing Director Richard Diamonstein (left) and President Richard Fleck (right) stand by the collection, which also is used as a new Rest Test Gallery. “We want to drive everybody into trying beds,” Fleck said. “The great thing is, wherever people rest-test becomes your No. 1 best-selling product. We want to drive customers into buying better beds and better sleep.” Paramount also highlighted its redesigned HD Super Duty line with cooling covers, graphite- and copper-infused memory foam and leather handles. The line starts at $1,299 and tops out at $2,699. 

Channeling Its Inner Rainforest

The latest from Landover, Maryland-based bedding producer and distributor AW Industries is the Sleepwell Latex Hybrid collection. Models named for the South American islands Vitoria and Maraca and ticking embellished with rubber tree leaves emphasize the rainforest theme, said Kevin Fealy, Sleepwell brand manager and director of distributed goods. The mattresses, priced from $1,499 to $1,999 for a set, offer 2,100 coils of support topped with foam-encapsulated latex. Also at this market, AW Industries showed its hybrid Lavender line, introduced in October. With an eye-catching lavender border and lavender flower designs incorporated into the ticking, the $999 mattress lives up to its name. It also lives up to its catch-phrase: Calm, Cool and Sustainable. Lavender is infused into a cooling phase-change layer and the cover is made from upcycled plastic bottles. 

Get Comfortable, Naturally

Silvia Galasso, vice president of operations for Magniflex USA Ltd., relaxes on the mattress maker’s newest addition to its eco-friendly Toscana line — the Toscana Cotton Lux 10. Billy Curtright, national sales manager for the company, which has global headquarters in Prato, Italy, called it an “affordable version of uber-natural for the consumer.” Priced at $1,899, the 10-inch mattress features a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover, as well as Oeko-Tex certification. Magniflex also announced a change in product launches. It will continue to launch new lines at the Winter Las Vegas Market but otherwise will bring new collections to later markets at dealers’ requests.

Wide Open Spaces

Logan, Utah-based Malouf, a sleep products and home furnishings supplier, has no problem taking up space. At this market, Malouf added Suite 101 to its existing Suite 100 showroom at Market On Green. At 8,000 square feet, the new area almost doubles the company’s space, enabling it to showcase its furniture line, as well as its Weekender promotional mattresses. The private label Weekender line includes a base layer with bamboo and charcoal and is topped by a cooling gel-infused foam. The models in the line range from $460 to $999. Also, at this market, Malouf added products to complement its line of CBD pillows. Derek Leishman, territory sales manager for the Northeast, stands beside a new topper infused with CBD oil, a bottle of CBD spray and a bottle of CBD lotion.