U.S. News & World Report Releases 2023 Sleep Survey


Did you know that November is National Sleep Comfort Month? To coincide, U.S. News & World Report released its annual survey regarding the sleep habits and preferences of American adults.

American Sleep Habits and Concerns. 2023 Sleep Survey for National Sleep Comfort Month.

Some of the biggest takeaways are that nearly 43% of Americans share that they experienced some level of insomnia in 2023. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 1 in 5 Americans (21%) state they “rarely or never wake up feeling well-rested.” So, what are some of the worries keeping Americans up at night? According to the report, the top five concerns are inflation, COVID-19, gun violence in America, climate change and the 2024 presidential election. Some other sleep stealers are under our control, like bad habits. The report revealed Americans’ biggest pitfalls when it comes to bedtimes are an irregular sleep schedule, too much screen time, eating too much, falling asleep with the TV on or pulling all-nighters.

Then there are partners. 67% of respondents stated that they “prefer sharing a bed with their partner while sleeping.” 41% prefer the Scandinavian sleep method of each partner having their own blanket or duvet, rather than sharing a large one. “Sleep divorce” is also increasing in popularity. Those in a sleep divorce sleep in separate beds or rooms due to different habits or preferences.

Another key finding – regardless of relationship status – is that 33% of survey respondents revealed they’ve used their mattress for nine or more years. According to the Better Sleep Council, people should replace mattresses after seven years due to wear and tear. Interestingly, most respondents ranked a high-quality mattress as the most “worthwhile” bedding product. Not sure how to find the mattress that works best for you? The most recent article on the Better Sleep Council’s website reveals some tips to narrow down the seemingly infinite choices in the sleep products industry.

While a quality mattress is integral to quality sleep, there are a variety of factors that can help or hinder a night of rest. To read the full survey results, visit https://www.usnews.com/360-reviews/sleep/