Blu Sleep announced it is expanding its pillow offerings with the introduction of the Ghetti Pillow at the Winter Las Vegas Furniture Market, January 29th – February 2nd.  

“This is a completely new concept with elongated cut foam of different lengths helping the foam to stay in place.  This SUPPORTLOCK™ system allows you to fluff­ the pillow to your desired comfort and shape. Air will flow between the cylindrical foam to keep the pillow fresh and cool. Our unique foam is produced using the HYDROEXPAND™ method. This process uses water instead of harsh chemicals for a more natural, healthy and comfortable foam. The soft and cozy cover is made from a 100% quilted polyester fabric.

This pillow is a mix of Blu Sleep different signature foams:  Vitality, Ice Gel, Bio Aloe, Chamo Cool… which explains the different foam colors.  The packaging is a simple and clean reusable vinyl bag,

This pillow will retail at $79.

This pillow, as well as the rest of the company’s line up, will be featured at the Blu Sleep showroom, space B-960, at World Market Center during the Winter Las Vegas Market.

About Blu Sleep Products

Founded in 2006, Blu Sleep Products is best known for its patented pillows, mattresses, and other bedding accessories such as linens and toppers which are designed to deliver a personalized, pampering, and complete sleep experience. Each product features the company’s unique technologies – such as water-expanded foam, essential oils, enhanced airflow, cooling materials and unique construction – to provide a comfortable, refreshing, and soothing experience for a restorative night’s sleep. Its high-quality beddings products transform sleep into a nightly wellness ritual much akin to a luxury spa.

Blu Sleep is headquartered in Pompano Beach Florida, the brand has two distribution centers, one in Laval, Québec, Canada and the second in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA.

Blu Sleep also maintains a permanent product showroom in the World Market Center Las Vegas.

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