Magniflex Donates to Habitat for Humanity


Magniflex, an Italian bed manufacturer, has expanded its corporate philanthropy program with Habitat for Humanity by donating more than 150 mattresses to its Heartland Ontario retail store in Canada.

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“We’ve collaborated with Habitat for Humanity on multiple occasions in Las Vegas and Miami over the last few years,” said Billy Curtright, national sales manager of the company with U.S. headquarters in Miami. “They are a wonderful philanthropic partner because of their success helping to shelter families and navigate their transition to a better way of life. We feel privileged to uphold our dedication to assisting their community-focused initiatives.”

Like all donated home products to the nonprofit group, the mattresses are merchandized at Habitat for Humanity Restore locations. When recipients are selected for a Habitat home, they receive credits for home furnishings they can use at the store to outfit their new home. That includes a selection of Magniflex’s Magnigel Dual 9, Dual 10 and Dual 12 king and queen mattresses.

“We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt appreciation and recognition to Magniflex USA for their generous donation of over 150 mattresses to Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario,” said Chantal McQueen, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario. “Their partnership with us in this endeavor underscores the values of compassion, empathy and commitment to social betterment that Magniflex USA represents. We are honored to have them as a dedicated supporter, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future.”

Magniflex’s Dual mattresses feature Dual Core technology, which helps ensure optimal sleep for couples by allowing each partner to choose the comfort that is right for them. They simply unzip the thermo-regulating mattress cover and flip the inner cores to select their favorite firmness level. The soft side features layers of Memoform and Elioform, and the medium-soft side contains a layer of Eliosoft for increased support.

In addition, the open-cell design of the Magnigel technology provides breathability and dissipates heat. Created by using a pre-polymer that is added and swirled into the foam for greater coverage, the technology keeps temperatures stable and helps prevent the problem of sleeping hot that is often associated with traditional memory foam.

“We believe in crafting more than just comfortable, luxury mattresses; we’re dedicated to helping the community in any way we can,” Curtright said. “By partnering with Habitat for Humanity to contribute mattresses, we are also contributing to the foundation of strong communities and the restoration of hope, comfort and a safe place to call home for many individuals.”