Mcroskey Mattress Brand Aims To Rewrite The Industry’s Concept Of A Best Seller At Las Vegas Market


Las Vegas Market News Release

FRESNO, Calif. – McRoskey Mattress brand is planning to rewrite the industry’s idea of a best seller at the Las Vegas Market later this month with the introduction of a new, special edition sales tool for retailers and their customers, a custom-published hardcover book. Entitled “Soulfully Crafted,” the book will be unveiled at a reception for dealers and designers on Monday evening, July 25th, in the McRoskey Mattress space in Building C, Space 1566.

“Soulfully Crafted” was designed to “capture the company’s rich, 120-year history and devotion to the artistry of sleep through thoughtful storytelling and gorgeous, highly evocative photography,” said Rion Morgenstern, CEO of McRoskey Mattress Works. “We believe that granting consumers a glimpse into our history enables us to connect with them on a more personal level. We know that affluent consumers not only buy brands, but also gravitate to pedigree and the values of a company. In the same way they want Bentleys and Rolls Royces, Cartier, Chanel or Patek Phillipe, they want a luxury sleep product rich in heritage.”

From cover to cover, the book tells the story of a San Francisco original, the inception of one of the most renowned American-based luxury mattress companies and how McRoskey Mattress Works’ hand-tailored mattresses are so meticulously crafted; the company produces no more than 20 per day, with every tuft centered by hand.

“McRoskey prides itself in producing perfectly handcrafted, long-lasting, all-natural mattresses and ‘Soulfully Crafted’ showcases each and every detail that goes into creating the perfect mattress for a deep, restorative sleep,” Morgenstern said.

Created in conjunction with the rollout of McRoskey’s Modern collection in select Williams-Sonoma, Inc. stores where the coffee table-style books are displayed atop McRoskey mattresses, Morgenstern said, “shopper response to ‘Soulfully Crafted’ has been so positive we decided to expand the concept even further. We are now providing softcover editions for consumers to take home as a gift with purchase at Williams-Sonoma stores, and with the introduction at the Las Vegas Market, we are expanding the concept to key retailers of our premium mattresses across the country.”

McRoskey Mattress Works is the owner and exclusive global manufacturer of the McRoskey Mattress Brand. The family-owned company is located in Fresno, California and manufactures the McRoskey and AirFlex brands. McRoskey has been building luxury handcrafted mattresses since 1899. For additional information visit