New Eclipse Brand Reuses Ocean Plastic


Eclipse International is launching Nemo, a high-end bedding brand that uses 100% recycled polyester spun from plastic debris collected by The Ocean Cleanup, a registered charity in The Netherlands dedicated to ridding the world’s oceans of plastic waste. 

The North Brunswick, New Jersey-based manufacturer and licensing group plans to give regional exclusives to top retailers. 

“We are offering select retail partners joint ownership of the Nemo brand, while also allowing them to capitalize on a unique, carved-out opportunity within the sustainable luxury space,” said Stuart Carlitz, Eclipse president and chief executive officer. “Nemo will be the first boxed bed brand that will be owned by brick-and-mortar retailers and the manufacturer.”

Nemo will be sold in the United States by Eclipse and currently is made and marketed in the United Kingdom by luxury maker Millbrook Beds, in Totton, England. The latter also is a licensee of Eclipse’s Chittenden & Eastman brand.

To promote the collection, Eclipse said it will launch a marketing campaign for the brand and create a separate brand website. A portion of proceeds will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup. 

Eclipse is sourcing all polyester components from industry suppliers whose raw materials are derived from plastics collected by The Ocean Cleanup. The latter’s processing partners sort, melt and extrude new polyester fiber from ocean debris. 

Nemo mattresses and top-of-bed items will have a range of recycled polyester components — ticking, polyester fiber comfort layers and even firm polyester fiber support layers. (Due to ongoing polyurethane foam shortages, Eclipse said it is using some of the latter in other mattresses it makes, as well.)