Blue Sleep Foam

Blu Sleep announced its expansion of the Prestige Support [+] collection with the addition of new sizes for the Coconut and Graphite models. 

“This unique foam has a different feel from our other signature foams. Specially formulated, this foam provides comfort and superior support. The unique grid shape helps the air flow throughout the pillow for an extra breathability while the removable and washable padded cooling cover leaves you refreshed and comfortable all night long.” explains the CEO, Alex Ciccolella.

The complete collection is offered in the following variations:  Coconut, Graphite, Lavender, Lemon Verbena and Sandalwood and was only available in queen high profile, with a 6-inches thickness, recommended for side sleepers.

To respond to every sleeper’s needs, Blu Sleep is now releasing medium profile, 5-inches thickness, to fit all sleepers, including back and stomach sleepers.

The very elegant and attractive packaging that was created mirrors the high-end quality of the pillows.  They will retail at $189.

This collection, as well as the rest of the company’s line up, will be featured at the Blu Sleep showroom, space B-960, at World Market Center at the Winter Las Vegas Market.

About Blu Sleep Products

Blu Sleep offers consumers a complete line of mattresses, pillows, protective bedding products and other bedding necessities such as linens and toppers.

With more than 15 years of experience in bedding product development, bedding products in 5 categories, and a presence in North and South America, Blu Sleep is a market leader in bedding innovation.

As a global manufacturer of Italian mattress and pillows, Blu Sleep is on a mission to provide cool clean sleep, to transport you to a healthier sleep and show you how you can afford Italian luxury. Not only does Blu Sleep provide quality mattresses and pillows but also a full array of bedding necessities to give you a true and complete sleep experience.

The Blu Sleep brand is synonymous with innovation, quality, customer service & support and was recognized by many players in the industry but also in medias such as Good Housekeeping, Forbes, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Observer, The Quality Edit and so many others.

Our products are Oeko-Tex® and CertiPurTM certified, so you know the manufacturing process follows strict standards and procedures. Blu Sleep ships its products in eye catching designer boxes and uses only premium materials and innovative water-based expansion techniques, designed to eliminate the need for harsh chemicals: The Power of Water, The Comfort of Air.

Made in Italy, but understanding the needs of the north American market, Blu Sleep has become a major player in the category: Made in Italy, Designed in America.

We have always wanted to make a mattresses and pillows that set the bar for comfort and attainability, all the while keeping an eye on reducing our carbon footprint and taking from the playbook of “comfort inspired by nature”. At Blu Sleep we believe, like you, that the focus is on environmental and sustainable efforts and that offering the best quality on the market also means having a positive impact on the environment and improving our production process.

For more information on Blu Sleep, visit the Blu Sleep website at: For media inquiries, please contact Chérine at You can also come to visit our showroom B960 at the Winter Las Vegas Furniture Market from January 29th to February