The Dr. Is In


Malouf Home has partnered with Dr. Oz Good Life to offer retail partners a line of sleep products. 

The line includes the Good Life Mattress, Good Life Hybrid Mattress Pro and Good Life Hybrid Mattress Premier (an exclusive in-store item), as well as the Good Life Adjustable Base, Good Life Adjustable Base Pro and Good Life Adjustable Base Premier. Malouf’s retail partners can pair these big-ticket items with three Good Life sleep accessory bundles — each one including a mattress protector, sheet set and pillows.

“We’re excited to launch this new partnership and provide Dr. Oz’s science-based sleep products to our retail partners,” said Jesse Gibbs, vice president of national sales for the Logan, Utah-based bedding company. “We’ve received great feedback from retailers who have brought these items to their stores. They especially love the step-up story with the unique features and price points.”

An accredited health expert, best-selling author and world-renowned cardiac surgeon, Dr. Mehmet Oz launched Dr. Oz Good Life in 2020. His sleep products use clinically tested snore-detection technology, antibacterial SilverScience technology and other advanced features to promote restorative sleep. 

“My sleep line was created with a doctor’s eye to take your customers’ sleep from suboptimal to incredible,” Oz said. “Insufficient sleep is the No. 1 problem impacting a person’s health and preventing them from living their best life.”