Therapedic Spotlights Performance in Two Mattress Lines to be Featured in Las Vegas



The wide release of Agility and anticipated refresh of Heavy-Duty series deliver strong performance and pricing stories.

Therapedic Performance Mattresses Revealed. TheraLuxe HD Ice includes components that enhance the responsiveness and conforming qualities of the mattress while still delivering the superior support and durability.

PRINCETON, N.J. (Jan. 8, 2024) – High performance is the resounding theme at Therapedic when the top alternative bedding brand spotlights two mattress lines making highly anticipated reveals at the Las Vegas Market later this month.

The new Agility collection designed to deliver peak performance through quality sleep will see a wide release after a limited audience showing last summer that sealed the finishing touches on this value-driven hybrid line.

As a flagship line for Therapedic in this category, the Heavy-Duty (HD) series will show off its first refresh since its 2016 debut. Touted as the best built mattress on the retail floor, this new HD collection that includes TheraLuxe HD, TheraLuxe HD Ice and Medicoil HD, offers two-sided models, additional comfort feels, and now adjustable base compatibility.

Agility Hybrid

Retailers can find success with this new hybrid collection made for the consumer with an active lifestyle who seeks performance and recovery benefits from a well-made mattress that delivers quality sleep.

Well-merchandised with six mattress models, Agility’s key feature is the agile, contouring and responsive sleep surface that provides ideal pressure relief and motion isolation for undisturbed sleep and waking up rejuvenated. The top three beds feature cooling technology in the cover. All models have eye-catching, contemporary styling and color, quilted covers, specialty foam layers, wrapped coil technology and, in some, added micro-coil support. Retail price points range from $999 to $1,999 in queen mattress only.

Heavy-Duty Series Refresh

The refresh of TheraLuxe HD and TheraLuxe HD Ice includes components that enhance the responsiveness and conforming qualities of the mattress while still delivering the superior support and durability that the line has been known for. Medicoil HD offers increased support with the heaviest coil unit on the market, high concentration of coils in the center third where it is needed most. The series has a retail price range of $1,199-$3,499 in queen mattress only.

Designed to be the best built and most durable mattress available in its category, the Heavy-Duty collection has lived up to expectations with the highest satisfaction in performance and durability with negligible return rate, according to Darren Sodikoff of Rock Island, Ill.-based The Bedding Group, a long-time Therapedic licensee.

Quality and longevity are important at Biltrite Furniture, a successful furniture retailer in Wisconsin that’s been in business for 95 years. It has been selling HD mattresses for eight years.

“The HD heavy duty series, single-sided and two-sided mattresses, is one of the best values for customers that want firmer and/or longer-lasting durability including, but not limited to, plus-sized individuals,” said Biltrite owner Marty Komisar.

Therapedic will feature Agility and the HD collections along with its first all-natural luxury line in B-946 of the Las Vegas World Market Center, January 28-31.