Englander giving retailers “Virtual Showroom Experience”


Chicago-based licensing group Englander has launched its Virtual Showroom Experience, an immersive digital complement to the company’s Las Vegas World Market Center showroom to give retailers full access to Englander products and marketing assets.

According to a news release, the newly launched Virtual Showroom Experience is more than a digital environment and goes beyond allowing retailers to navigate through the showroom. It serves as a portal where retailers can learn more about Englander’s collections, train sales staff, explore the brand’s suite of marketing assets and discover new ways to sell, the company said.

“From hybrid work to omnichannel shopping, people now live online and offline. That’s why Englander has launched what feels like a video game for mattress merchandising,” said Mark Kinsley, Englander president and chief executive officer. “Beyond creating an immersive extension of Englander’s showroom, we want to inspire retailers to create their own engaging and memorable experiences that drive sales.”

Upon entering the virtual showroom, a retailer can choose to walk through and browse, similar to a real-world showroom, or navigate directly to specific products. Standing at the foot of each bed, users can click to access branded product specifications, high-quality images and narrated videos. All assets are downloadable, shareable and ready to use by retailers in their marketing.

Englander said it will work with key retailers to create their own virtual showrooms that are fully equipped with e-commerce capabilities. Englander 3D models are available to select retailers who choose to develop the technology for their operations.

At the upcoming Las Vegas Market July 24-28, Englander will feature its national collections and demonstrate the features of the Virtual Showroom Experience in its showroom (C-1596).