ISPA Launching Sustainability Initiative


A conference in November and a new committee will support bedding industry in environmental efforts

Sustainability is an increasingly important topic globally, and the International Sleep Products Association wants to support the bedding industry through advocacy and information.

At the April ISPA Board of Trustees meeting, the group approved ISPA’s sustainability initiative, which will involve creating a Sustainability Committee and hosting a sustainability conference. Planning already is underway for the conference, which will be Nov. 16-17 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Sustainability Committee will consist of a cross-section of suppliers and manufacturers and will recommend specific policies and actions to the board. As appropriate, representatives from other industries or organizations may be invited to participate.

The committee’s goals include:

  • Raising industry awareness of sustainability principles and industry achievements
  • Making ISPA members aware of sustainability concepts, metrics and relevant terms
  • Informing the industry of company achievements and regulatory developments
  • Advocating for government policies that support sustainability for the mattress sector
  • Positioning ISPA as the industry’s sustainability partner and as a thought leader among regulators, policymakers, the media and peer groups
  • Communicating industry’s sustainability efforts and accomplishments to policymakers, media and consumers
  • Producing market research to understand what sustainability criteria are important to consumers and what messages are most informative to consumers.

Save the date

Mark your calendars. ISPA’s first sustainability conference will be held Nov. 16-17 at Embassy Suites in Charlotte, North Carolina. The conference is designed to educate, connect and inspire companies in the mattress sector to develop practical solutions for sustainability challenges within the bedding industry. Registration opens July 11. We’ll bring you more info as it is available.

We want your sustainability stories

Sleep Savvy wants your sustainability success stories. Has your retail operation implemented strategies to reduce waste? Partnered with vendors who make more sustainable products? Adopted practices you think would benefit the industry? Let us know. Contact Beth English at