Shifman Sales Rep Celebrates 55 years With Luxe Mattress Brand


Joe Ballone offers unique perspective on more than a half-century in the bedding industry.

The Shifman Mattress Co. is sharing a remarkable milestone with its sales representative Joe Ballone as he celebrates 55 years with the 130-year-old luxury mattress maker.

Joe Ballone celebrates 55 years with the 130-year-old luxury mattress maker.
Joe Ballone celebrates 55 years with the 130-year-old luxury mattress maker.

Ballone focuses on providing exemplary service to Shifman’s fine home furnishings retailers. His accounts have won the Shifman Retailer Achievement Awards 14 out 18 years since the program began, with 18 different retailer partners honored. In 2017, Ballone received the Shifman Salesperson of the Year Award. 

“Joe is an extremely successful sales professional with the highest level of retailer relationships. He’s earned their trust over the years because he demonstrates a genuine interest in the mutual benefits of our retail partners and the Shifman program,” said Bill Hammer, Shifman president. 

Joining Shifman in 1968, Ballone brought his training and experience as an assistant bedding buyer for Abraham and Straus, an iconic New York City department store founded in 1865. He said when he started working for Shifman, every one of his accounts told young Joe that he was representing the best bedding product in the industry. He believes that has held true to this day.

“Shifman continues to do what is best for the end-consumer. They offer a mattress that has long-lasting comfort using natural materials,” said Ballone. 

Asked about some of the changes in the bedding industry that have stood out over his half-century career, Ballone named the government-mandated flammability standards and the shift by most manufacturers away from two-sided mattresses and working box springs, both of which Shifman remains committed to making for the highest quality, comfort and durability.

“Sticking to the tradition of handcrafted, hand-tufted, two-sided mattresses with coil box springs, and natural materials, creates the long-lasting comfort that makes Shifman customers so loyal to the brand. That is how you ensure success,” said Ballone.

Hammer stated, “Joe is well respected by retailers, sales associates and colleagues. We are grateful for his outstanding service and commitment to Shifman for 55 years and counting.”