PureCare Launches Silk Pillowcases


PureCare defines beauty sleep with Pure Silk pillowcases

Leading sleep essentials brand debuts Pure Silk, touting beauty and wellness benefits

PHOENIX (December 14, 2020) – PureCare, the leader in wellness-focused sleep essentials, has launched the Pure Silk collection, featuring 100% Mulberry silk pillowcases that offer both beauty and wellness benefits.

The launch of the Pure Silk pillowcase collection is in direct response to increasing consumer demand for luxury silk sleep products which tout beauty benefits for the skin and hair. PureCare says it’s leveraged its decades of expertise in textiles and relationships with global resources to produce its Pure Silk collection with the highest quality 22 momme silk fibers while keeping accessible pricing a priority. In addition, every Pure Silk pillowcase comes with a complimentary mesh wash bag, a unique bonus that ties into PureCare’s larger mission to provide cleaner, more restorative sleep solutions to every sleeper.

“Our new Pure Silk pillowcase is a simple indulgence at a time when sleep and home wellness routines are in the forefront of consumer’s minds. This new line fits in perfectly with PureCare’s commitment to provide the highest quality sleep essentials for the care, comfort and wellness of as many people as possible,” said Sarah Bergman, PureCare vice president of marketing and product development.

Studies show that Mulberry silk can revive skin and hair, elevating the nightly beauty and self-care routine. The Pure Silk pillowcase has exceptionally smooth surface of 22 momme silk fibers providing a friction-free sleep surface that tames frizzy hair and flyaways and is gentle on delicate skin around eyes and mouth – areas that are prone to creases and wrinkles. Silk absorbs less moisture than other natural fibers, which helps hair and skin retain hydration throughout the night. 

Along with designer touches that include a seamless hidden zipper and piped detailing, PureCare’s new Pure Silk pillowcases are treated with antimicrobial silver product protection that helps keep bedding fresher longer by inhibiting bacteria, mold, and mildew that cause deterioration, stains, and odors on each product. The premium silk pillowcases are machine washable and come with a one-year limited warranty. The collection, which includes queen and king sizes in four color options: soft pink, silver, champagne and celestial, will be ready for retail and DTC sales in February 2021.

About PureCare

We are the bedding company devoted to wellness. With every fiber of our being and stitch of our fabric, we care about the well-being of everyone and every body. Our textile experts and product designers are dedicated to their craft with one simple mission: to wrap the world in care, comfort and wellness. It’s why a handful of the world’s most respected wellness and hygiene experts partner with PureCare. Because when we sleep well, we rise to live well.


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