Spring Air Revamps Chattam & Wells


Spring Air’s revamped Chattam & Wells mattresses employ materials and techniques borrowed from the furniture industry. The brand received a new look to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Boston-based mattress licensing group Spring Air International has reintroduced its Chattam & Wells luxury handmade mattresses as a nod to the brand’s 25th anniversary. 

The company has refined the look and feel of the mattress brand along with its consumer-facing website. The newly polished Chattam & Wells line was unveiled at Spring Air’s Licensee Summit in October, and it will be on display in Spring Air’s showroom during the Las Vegas Market, Jan. 23-27, 2022. 

“This year marks a major milestone for Chattam & Wells,” said Nick Bates, president of Spring Air International. “When we first launched the brand, it was an immediate hit with retailers and consumers because of the story we built around it and all of the accoutrements that went into it. We crafted the mattress in a special way, wrapping it in an amazing package that culminated in an authentic luxury mattress that offers truly unparalleled comfort.”

Bates added, “While reflecting on its past success we realized that indulgent refinements would raise the already high bar, infuse new energy into the brand and revitalize it for the next 25 years. It will also further elevate the brand equity built over the years while maintaining many of the key features and benefits consumers have come to love.”

As part of the product development process, Spring Air researched trends in mattresses, fashion and interior design to develop a new look. And with its designed-in-California heritage, it also tapped into the expertise of its California licensee. “We pushed the limits of what is possible in these builds,” said Rion Morgenstern, chief executive officer of Pleasant Mattress, Spring Air’s licensee in Fresno, California. “As with the last launch, we applied unique materials and techniques that set Chattam & Wells apart from other luxury mattresses.”