How to Show Customers You Care


Do your shoppers know you appreciate them? Sleep Savvy shares 7 ways to show the people who keep you in business how much you care about them

thank you gift with cardCustomer care is one way to take customer appreciation to the next level, letting shoppers know that you not only appreciate their business, but appreciate them as people, too.

Here are seven thoughtful ways to practice customer care:

1 Give a gift

No, we’re not talking about a free protector with purchase. But a gift bag left on the bed after delivery is a memorable, thoughtful touch. Items can include chamomile tea bags, chocolates, mints, a small scented candle or sleep tips. Be creative.

2 Or give a gift card

“If your company has the resources to send gift cards, by all means do it,” suggests a customer appreciation blog by Help Scout, a Boston-based provider of customer service software. Depending on your budget and how many customers you are reaching out to, you could present gift cards for as little as $5 to Starbucks or as much as $25 to a local business, like a neighboring restaurant.

3 Write notes

A personalized, handwritten thank-you note or “just checking in” card is a lovely gesture, whether it’s from the store owner or retail sales associate. You can send a note after a mattress is delivered or six months later to see how customers are sleeping.

4 Host a party

Throw a customer celebration event, inviting your most loyal customers or everyone who purchased from you in the past year. Go all out: music, entertainment, good food. “Whatever you decide, make sure to offer a compelling reason for people to actually come to your party,” write Cara Wood and Francesca Nicasio in a July 2018 blog post for San Francisco-based Vend, which offers cloud-based point-of-sale software. That could be a nice discount on sleep accessories or minimassages.

5 Send a video message

“The great part of videos is that it’s impossible to fake being personal. The customer knows how much time you’ve really put in,” suggests Sarah Chambers in a July 2018 blog post for Shopify, a retailer services provider based in Ottawa, Ontario. A video sent right after purchase can serve as a thank you; one sent later can include helpful tips, like how to spot clean the mattress or a reminder to turn it regularly.

6 Make a donation

“Luxury brands, in particular, may find that offering discounts not only devalues their products but may even not particularly excite their target audience. In that case, consider donating money to an on-brand charity of your (or your customers’) choice in their names. It’s a smart way to say thank you to your customers while still offering them something they care about,” Wood and Nicasio suggest.

7 Send cookies

If a customer has made an especially large purchase or recommended several others to you, show your gratitude with a sweet treat. “Cookies are a winning idea — liked by all and easy to share,” according to the Help Scout blog. Have them delivered from a local bakery or use an online retailer that specializes in unique flavors.


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