Social Strategy Tips: Safeguarding Your Marketing Approach


Social media’s algorithms are always subject to change, so safeguarding your marketing strategy is key.

Social Strategy Tips

Social media lets bedding retailers build their brands and tailor messages to different audiences while costing little to use. Pretty great, right? Yet there are downsides to relying too much on these platforms, namely opaque algorithms and the whims of corporate owners that can change the vibe or functionality of a social site overnight.

Sleep Savvy isn’t suggesting you abandon your social strategy: We think it’s important to have a strong social presence. We just want you to consider ways to safeguard your creative content and maintain connections to prospective and existing customers in other ways, so you’re not ever hampered by the fancies of social sites that are more worried about what’s good for them than what’s good for you.

Expand your social circle.

For many mattress retailers, it’s not efficient or effective to be active on every social channel, but relying too much on one or two also has risks. By broadening your options, you’ll have some protection if consumers start fleeing a particular platform or your messages begin losing their reach because of an algorithm tweak. This year, try testing consumer responses to your posts on a new or new-to-you social app.

Go old school.

Continue to collect phone numbers, email addresses and even physical addresses of prospective and existing customers so that you have multiple ways of reaching them.

Save your stuff.

Either make it a habit to download your content from social sites or create another routine
process to store the text, photos and videos you post. A well-
organized content library also makes it easier to repurpose your posts, which brings us to the next tip.

Revamp or revive your newsletter.

Regularly scheduled e-mail newsletters can give you a way to reach consumers directly, and by repurposing blogs or social posts for the newsletter, they don’t require a lot of extra work. If you’re worried that some consumers rarely check email, you can text a link to the content. (We’ll take this opportunity to encourage you to sign up for our Shop Talk by Sleep Savvy newsletter for twice-monthly bedding news and sales tips. Visit and click on the Subscribe button at the top right of the homepage.) 

Show your website some love.

Some young companies, including those in the home furnishings industry, are forgoing websites in favor of social media accounts only. Egad! Your website is an anchor for your retail business — and one you control. Keep the content fresh. 

Give consumers a reason to love your site, too.

Drive social media followers to your website via QR codes and other links. When you run contests or other interactive marketing campaigns, tout them on social platforms, then operate them through your website, giving you a chance to show followers all that you offer.

So, go ahead: Be social! But stay connected to consumers in other ways. If the party stops on one of your favorite platforms, you’ll still be able to talk with your best customers.