Who’s Got Money for a Mattress? Hint: They Qualify for AARP


Learn 4 ways to reach “vibrant mature consumers” who appreciate quality and personal service.

Targeting Vibrant Mature Consumers. The 50-70 age group is the group most likely to spend the most on a new mattress.

With many consumers forgoing purchases like mattresses, retailers can grow sales by targeting groups most likely to spend — and that means folks ages 50 to 70, according to recent research from Boston Consulting Group’s Center for Customer Insights.

“Mature consumers have immense buying power, spend more than members of other age groups do on individual purchases, exhibit strong brand loyalty, are resilient through economic ups and downs, and wield surprising influence over younger consumers,” according to a report accompanying the survey results. 

The key is targeting what the Boston Consulting Group deems “vibrant mature consumers,” who represent about half the purchasing done by the entire demographic.

Here are some ways to reach this group of shoppers:

Step them up to better bedding.

While consumers ages 50 to 70 may spend less overall on products
than other groups, “they spend significantly more on individual purchases in all categories,” the research found. With more discretionary income, older consumers have the money for higher-priced bedding, but you must demonstrate meaningful differences in step-up models before they’ll buy. Put your focus on the quality of components in premium products and emphasize how such mattresses may provide a better night’s sleep and last longer.

Give them a way to reach a real person.

Whether they are shopping in-store or online. Older consumers value direct, personal communication and may be less comfortable with technology like AI-generated emails and chatbots. Post phone numbers online that they can call to speak with a store representative. Focus your
messaging on the fact that you have trained, well-educated retail sales associates who can help them choose the right mattress.

Direct them to adjustable bases.

But focus less on the gee-whiz technology and more on the benefits of features such as underbed lighting (makes getting up for those late-night trips to the bathroom safer), massage (eases aches and pains), and head and foot adjustability (helps reduce lower limb swelling and snoring).

Reach them through social media.

Consumers in this age group use social media, such as Facebook to stay updated and connect with family. Focus your social messages on building trust. Highlight awards, certifications and other recognition you or your products have earned. In all your marketing, focus on facts rather than hype. “Mature consumers tend to be more risk averse,” the research found, “and they especially value information that they regard as trustworthy. Messages that come directly from their personal networks or from accredited or recognizable brands help build trust.”

Julie A. Palm is lead wordsmith at Palm Ink LLC and is a past editor in chief of BedTimes and Sleep Savvy magazines. You can contact her at japalm623@gmail.com.