The Freshman 15: How Sleep Affects Your Metabolism – Get Sleep Savvy


The Freshman 15. A phenomenon that affects approximately 50% of the freshman population on a college campus. Sleep deprivation might be the culprit. Sleep expert and Better Sleep Council spokesperson Terry Cralle explores how a lack of sleep impacts your student’s metabolism, leading to unhealthy food choices and weight gain. Learn how getting enough shut-eye can help your student avoid the Freshman 15 and stay healthy.


Terry Cralle
The Freshman 15. We know sleep affects our health and our cognition, but it also affects our metabolism. So when you don’t get enough sleep, your metabolism is completely thrown out of whack. And you are much more likely to make poor food choices. You’re more likely to crave and go after those carbohydrates, sugars, and fats to keep you going.

Keep you awake all day. So, getting enough sleep can really counteract that. Freshman 15.

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