“Take 5” – Behind the Scenes at CT Nassau


From ticking to tape, CT Nassau gives BedTimes a tour of their production facilities in Alamance, North Carolina. Company officials reveal an exciting new product and share the company’s new identity, one that is vertically integrated to achieve a “total look” product.


Waynette Goodson
Hey, everybody. It’s Waynette Goodson. We are going on location today. I’m so excited. We’re here at CT Nassau. They have invited us for a tour. So you get a treat today. This is Take 5 on location. Let’s go inside and see what they got cookin’. It’s Waynette Goodson. I’m your managing editor. Today is a special day.

We have gotten a tour of CT Nassau. We are giving you such a treat today. We are on location at CT Nassau. And now, we’re going to talk a little bit about what CT Nassau is today. And Andrea, I understand that it is very different from the CT Nassau of yesteryear. Can you talk about that?

Andrea Lazzaroni
Absolutely. Great question. I love this point. We are part of an evolution. We are not different. We are evolving our DNA, our identity. We are obviously focusing the spirit and the energy to approach this business in a completely frank way from the past, taking advantage of our vertical presence in the USA with a total look product concept that is a natural evolution.

Continuous improvement is our life motive. We try to attract more talent to our company, investing in people that are our first customers. If they are happy, if their work focus, if they are loyal, if they’re proud to work with us, you know, the result at the end in the market will be amazing. It is what we are doing.

Waynette Goodson
And it is amazing because you all do everything. And I didn’t know you can take the mattress from you know, keep me right here. The tape, the border, the ticking, the handles, the cut and sew, the fabric. I mean, we have seen it all here. Let’s talk about next. We had the pleasure of seeing them recently at Interzum, and they have quite the space at Interzum, an exciting new product they’re doing.

Taber talk about the Chenille tapes and just how they how are doing on the market now. You just introduced those.

Taber Wood
They are doing fantastic. Yeah, we rolled out two colors, just basic colors. For the black and navy, the customers had such an overwhelming response that they asked us to add what other colors we could bring in. And so today you say to add in show me some new colors available to us in partnership with our suppliers.

We are really excited to bring these to market, to use either as an accent, as a solid tape and or, you know, a handle or even in the border.

Waynette Goodson
In the border.

Taber Wood
Or foundation, really on the high end. People love this for their luxury brands, and we’re just excited to partner with them. Get this out in the marketplace.

Waynette Goodson
One thing that’s very different about CT Nassau in your operation is that you have ticking here, and then two miles away, you have your tape facility. So talk about just the benefit of having both of those just so close together.

Tanya Brooks
One of the main benefits is that our management team is under both umbrellas. So even though we have a tape of facilities and a ticking facility, management and operations are all the same, and also the fact that we spin our own yarn, your border, your fabric panel, tape, and handle everything will coordinate because it’s all the same raw material.

Waynette Goodson
Wow. Wow. So basically, the takeaway here, folks, is that CT Nassau does everything from soup to nuts when it comes to building a beautiful bed for you. And thank you for having us today hosting BedTimes here, and you all, thank you for tuning in. As always, please keep cool and also have a great night’s sleep.