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As we plan our editorial lineup for 2020, we are soliciting your ideas to help with our “homework”

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Mary Best
Editor in Chief

Although I’ve been out of school for more years than I care to think about, I still feel the excitement of a new school year. Each year, when the dog days of late summer returned, I began planning for my debut in the next grade. With each day, I grew more excited, and, at times, my patience, reasoning and good horse sense went the way of the one-room schoolhouse. What public school offered me — the opportunity to learn about places, people, and the wonders and challenges of the world — continues to play a meaningful role in my life. It’s probably why I became an editor.

While I’m no longer enrolled in conventional school, when the dog days of late summer return now, I still feel a sense of eagerness and kick into planning mode. Why? Because in September, the Sleep Savvy team creates our editorial calendar for the coming year. Like my colleagues, I spend hours researching subjects expected to affect next year’s business environment, and then organize and manage a list of stories relevant to bedding retailers.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. In addition to drawing on our staff’s extensive knowledge of the bedding industry, it’s also essential to solicit and incorporate topics from our readers. So, here’s your assignment: What are the biggest issues facing your business? What trends do you see gaining momentum? What topics would you like for us to address in 2020? What do you think will be the most critical issues facing retail in the new year? In what direction are you taking your business? How can we improve our articles to help you sell more and better beds?

This, however, doesn’t apply only to print. I also invite you to share your thoughts on how we can expand and deepen our digital platforms. Sleep Savvy has a robust website (; is active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; and our newsletter Shop Talk is released the first and third Thursday of the month. What other communication tools — additional print materials, social media, podcasts, workshops, etc. — can we provide to help you navigate today’s retail environment?

I welcome all your ideas. Please email them to I look forward to receiving and discussing your suggestions. Thank you for helping us explore new ideas. After all, that’s what learning is all about. 


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