Avocado Plans Major Push Into Brick-And-Mortar Stores


Three stores are planned for 2021 and several more in 2022

Laid-back vibe The light-filled and airy Avocado Green Mattress’ store in Santa Monica, California, features muted tones and lush plants that complement the company’s natural bedding products.

Avocado Green Mattress is getting into brick-and-mortar retail in a big way, giving customers the opportunity to relax and try out its bedding products in what the company describes as comfortable, roomy, no-stress settings.

The company started in 2016 as an online brand, and is now part of Avocado Green Brands, a leading online mattress retailer that also includes the Brentwood Home brand in its portfolio.

Avocado has four stores open on the East and West Coasts — in Hoboken, New Jersey, where Avocado was founded, and in Santa Monica, California; La Jolla, California; and Fullerton, California, where Brentwood Home has its roots.

Three more retail openings are planned for later this year, and the company is looking for a retail breakout next year, when it is hoping to open several more locations. Among the cities slated for Avocado stores in 2022 are Seattle and New York.

Vy Nguyen, co-chief executive officer of Avocado Green Brands, says the brick-and-mortar stores provide “a very unique experience” that customers love.

“The stores don’t look or feel anything like mattress retail stores,” he says. “We have 2,000, 3,000 or 4,000 square feet and maybe five or six mattresses. It’s a very relaxed environment. You have the time and luxury to try our beds. There is no hard sell. It’s 180 degrees different from a typical mattress retail experience.”

“From our customers’ perspective, it’s a wild success,” he adds. “They like the experience. They write to us and say it’s the best mattress experience they’ve had. They say, ‘Why can’t everyone do this?’ ”

The company says retail sales associates aren’t on commission and promises “there is zero pressure to buy.” The Avocado team is simply on hand, it notes, “to explain the nuances of our store items and answer any questions you may have about the products and the materials we use to craft them.”

The stores also offer 30-minute personal consultations with customers via Zoom, which the company positions as relaxing opportunities to learn about its products.

“Kick back and relax,” Avocado says about the Zoom visits on its website. “Our team knows each of our products inside and out. They’ll walk you through all of the features and benefits, explain where our natural materials come from, and show you exactly what the product looks and feels like. Questions are encouraged.”