Brooklyn Bedding announces new showroom and mattress collections


News release written by Brooklyn Bedding and published, unedited, by Sleep Savvy.

Brooklyn Bedding Announces New Permanent Showroom at Las Vegas Market 

Custom Mattress Manufacturer Continues Wholesale Expansion of Bed-in-a-Box  

Brooklyn Bedding, manufacturer and retailer of custom mattresses since 1995, announced today the opening of a permanent showroom at the Las Vegas Market, one of the largest mattress, bedding, furniture, and decor conferences in the world. A longtime manufacturer of many of the nation’s leading private label brands, Brooklyn Bedding will showcase its entire assortment, all of which can be compressed and shipped as a bed-in-a-box, to prospective retailers in Las Vegas, beginning Jan. 28.   

“We’re one of the few retailers in the mattress industry to manufacture our own products,” said John Merwin, Owner and Chief Executive Officer at Brooklyn Bedding. “That difference has allowed us to lead the industry in direct to consumer innovation while remaining flexible to market demand. We were industry pioneers in developing the bed-in-a-box concept in 2008. We’ve now developed the capability to compress and ship virtually any mattress in compact packaging. Brooklyn Bedding also produces products on demand, making it possible for retailers to carry little to no inventory. We’re looking forward to expanding our business by manufacturing mattresses for both online and traditional retailers who want to either leverage the Brooklyn Bedding brand or sell bedding under a private label.   

Brooklyn Bedding will display over a dozen models in all sizes of varying firmness at the Las Vegas Market. Retailers can expect to see new product introductions that include a new opening price point mattress, a hybrid version of the Brooklyn Signature (known as the #BestMattressEver and the brand’s number one selling online mattress), and the all new Brooklyn Aurora, a high-end hybrid mattress with patented cooling technology, recently launched in November. The assortment is designed to help retailers curate a high-quality selection of mattresses for customers, ranging from value to affordable luxury.  

The new 2500-square-foot showroom, located in space B1022, will be open to Brooklyn Bedding visitors Jan. 28 to Feb. 1. In addition to mattresses, Brooklyn Bedding will feature several foundations, including adjustable bed frames, as well as sleep accessories like pillows and sheets.    

Brooklyn Bedding Launches Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Collection 

Premium Details in an All-Foam Bed Take Sleep Essentials to a Whole New Level  

Brooklyn Bedding, manufacturer and retailer of custom mattresses since 1995, announced today the launch of the all new Brooklyn Bowery, the essential all-foam bed for better sleep.  

Developed with Brooklyn Bedding trademark craftsmanship, the Brooklyn Bowery features a high density base foam and gentle transitional layer, topped with an ultra deep layer of Energex™—a patented, hyper-responsive foam offering exceptional contouring and comfort. A premium smooth top knit promotes better breathability, adding to the exceptional value of a mattress that remains modestly priced. The Brooklyn Bowery will retail at an opening price point of just $449 for a twin size mattress.   

“When we develop a mattress, we thoughtfully engineer every layer to serve a comfort, cooling and support purpose,” said John Merwin, Owner and Chief Executive Officer at Brooklyn Bedding. “That may seem contrary to what customers hear in the market today but layers really do matter. Intermediate layers are needed to create varying firmness levels for all types of sleepers, and to create a gentler transition to the high density base foam needed for mattress durability. Paired with a high-end Energex™top layer, the Brooklyn Bowery delivers an impressive number of quality features at an impressive price.” 

Earlier in the month, Brooklyn Bedding announced the launch of the Brooklyn Signature, upgrading its number one selling, all-foam bed to a hybrid that includes individually pocketed coils. The company sought to fill the all-foam category online with an introductory mattress, perfect for first-time buyers and families. 

“We’ve been direct shipping bed-in-a-box mattresses for 10 years so we can always deliver convenience,” said Merwin. “We’ve manufactured our own products since day one of Brooklyn Bedding so we can always control costs. My sole focus in engineering the Brooklyn Bowery was delivering the craftsmanship and advanced technology that differentiates us. I’m proud of the enhanced comfort we put into a mattress that’s so competitively priced.”   

The Brooklyn Bowery will be immediately available nationwide at

The #BestMattressEver Just Got Better 

Brooklyn Bedding Launches Brooklyn Signature Collection with Individually Pocketed Coils  

Brooklyn Bedding, manufacturer and retailer of custom mattresses since 1995, continues to raise the bar on bed-in-a-box innovation. The company announced today the evolution of the #BestMattressEver, launching the new Brooklyn Signature with individually pocketed coils to provide customized support, combined with the premium TitanFlex™ foam that made Brooklyn Bedding renowned for comfort and cooling.  

“The #BestMattressEver has been our number one selling mattress online and in-store since its inception,” said John Merwin, Owner and Chief Executive Officer at Brooklyn Bedding. “Because we constantly strive to create added value for our customers, we began to explore ways to make the #BestMattressEver even better. By simply replacing the base foam with individually pocketed coils we were able to dramatically improve the sleep experience. Customers overwhelmingly preferred the comfort and support of the hybrid bed—the new Brooklyn Signature is now the ideal combination of high quality, responsive foam layers and temperature regulation, paired with high-end coils that offer deep compression support and limited motion transfer.”

Brooklyn Bedding pioneered the bed-in-a-box concept, rolling and compressing their first mattresses in their own factory and selling them on Amazon in 2008. Today, Brooklyn Bedding possesses the state-of-the-art capability to package virtually any mattress in a box, including top-of-the-line beds with encased coils. The upgraded Brooklyn Signature will still retail for less than half the price of most hybrid mattresses because of the Brooklyn Bedding end-to-end manufacturing model, which enables the company to control costs and pass on the savings to customers.  

“By continuing to push manufacturing limits, and over delivering when it comes to quality, we distinguish our brand from companies that adopted bed-in-a-box technology several years after we did, using a one-size-fits-all mentality,” said Merwin. “The upgraded Brooklyn Signature is the culmination of owning our own manufacturing facility where we can test and implement customer feedback in real time, and upgraded technology that allows us to provide value to every product we make, sell and ship.”    

The Brooklyn Signature will feature the Brooklyn Bedding brand’s trademark craftsmanship, made on demand in Phoenix, Ariz. and shipped to any location in the country. Offered in three firmness levels, prices will start at $599 for a twin size mattress.   


Brooklyn Bedding is an American made manufacturer of mattresses, differentiated by master craftsmanship, a wholly owned state-of-the art manufacturing facility and exceptional customer service. Family owned since 1995, the company originated with two brothers delivering mattress products direct to customers’ homes. Known as the “mobile mattress guys,” John and Rob Merwin evolved their business by learning every aspect of the mattress making process. They tenaciously used every material in their inventory to pass savings on to customers, purchasing high grade manufacturing equipment and pioneering bed-in-a-box online delivery in 2008.  

Today, the company owns world class expertise in mattress engineering, achieved through meticulous attention to detail, cutting edge equipment and patented materials created with advanced technology. Brooklyn Bedding designs and creates its entire line of high quality bedding, on demand, in its manufacturing facility in Arizona. Remaining true to its roots, the company still goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, offering its expertly crafted mattresses, sheets and pillows at an affordable price with free online shipping, a generous 120-day trial period, and a 10-year hassle free warranty period on mattresses. 





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