PureCare Expands Showroom and Design Center at Winter 2018 Las Vegas Market


News release written by PureCare and published, unedited, by Sleep Savvy.

PureCare Expands Their Showroom, Offers Retailers HandsOn Design Center and Welcomes Spink & Edgar Mattresses in Vegas   

Fairfield, NJ – PureCare is expanding its Las Vegas showroom by 3000+ square feet to include a retail design center and to highlight several technical textile-focused bed collections throughout the space. The retail design center offers a fully integrated and hands-on experience for retailers who are looking to create specific collections that are just right for their retail stores, while the bed collections focus on the unique technical textile combinations that allow PureCare’s customers to mix and match their premium sleep essentials to create their ideal sleep environment. As VP of Marketing Sarah Bergman explains, “PureCare’s expanded showroom allows us to provide our retailers with an interactive experience that highlights our unique technical textiles as well as the quality of our protectors, pillows and sheets.” Retailers are welcome to experience the full line of products included on the Celliant® Recovery Bed, PureCare’s exclusive FRíO® Cooling Bed, and a Temp Neutral Comfort Bed. “The design center gives us the space and tools to do what we do best: work hand-in-hand with our retailers to develop custom sleep essentials programs that will work for them,” says Bergman. PureCare will continue to show in space C1595 with current partner Knickerbocker Bed Company, and has expanded into adjoining space C1585 to house these unique showroom and display enhancements.  

Mark Quinn, Co-founder and CEO of Sibose will join  PureCare in their expanded space to exhibit the company’s Spink & Edgar luxury all natural cotton, wool and innerspring mattresses in the PureCare space. “We are honored to have Mark Quinn and the Spink & Edgar sustainable mattresses in our show space,” says Sean Bergman, CMO at PureCare. “The Spink & Edgar brand is deeply rooted in natural quality.  We believe the quality constructions found in both brands create a great synergy to show together.” Quinn explains that Spink and Edgar, an all-natural luxury line is looking for very targeted, top drawer retailers, and sharing space with PureCare makes a lot of sense for Spink & Edgar. “For retailers that are looking for sleep essential products and a profitable mattress program that is unique, they should make the PureCare space part of their itinerary. We invite them to stop into the showroom C1595. It will be time well spent.” 

Focus on Celliant® based products following FDA  Medical Device”  and “ General Wellness Product” designation 

Returning to the Las Vegas market for the first time since the FDA’s designation of Celliant® as a 

“Medical Device” and “General Wellness Product “ , PureCare  will feature its products that incorporate Celliant performance fibers.  This past summer the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA  determined that Hologenix’ Celliant fibers, containing infrared emitting ceramic particles, are regulated as both “medical devices” and also as “general wellness products.” Now, products that incorporate Celliant performance fibers are able to legally claim that the fibers promote increased localized blood flow, thereby increasing energy, boosting performance and speeding muscle recovery. There is no doubt that this recent determination will significantly enhance interest in the product lines by PureCare that include Celliant performance fibers, including their Elements™ Lumen® Celliant sheets, Body Chemistry® Pillows, and Celliant mattress and pillow protectors.  

Chief Marketing Officer Sean Bergman says, “Performance is a want, but wellness is a need. If you are looking for a sleep essentials supplier that provides the best of all these benefits, PureCare is a great choice. Celliant fibers are providing the best performance technology in bedding today, and PureCare has a complete line of premium sheets, pillows and mattress protectors featuring Celliant performance fibers in stock and ready to be sold in retail stores tomorrow. You can truly offer your customer products of the highest quality and construction and intelligent designs that promote a cleaner and healthier sleep environment, while providing them the best in performance bedding.” 

PureCare® designs essential elements necessary to create a healthy sleep environment. PureCare mattress and pillow protectors, sheets and pillows – all of which combine superior technology, innovation and the highest quality materials – are revolutionary to today’s health conscious consumers and allergy sufferers. PureCare continues to change the conversation in the sleep essentials industry to focus on health and wellness and has introduced the first Limited Lifetime Stain Warranty. PureCare’s entire collection of mattress and pillow protectors are the official protector products of the National Sleep foundation and the Women’s Choice Award. For more information, please visit us at www.PureCare.com  


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