Bryte Releases AI-Powered Sleep Concierge

Bryte releases sleep concierge which uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 to help customers improve their sleep.

Bryte, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based purveyor of smart beds, has expanded its lineup of technology-powered sleep offerings with the launch of its newest product, Sleep Concierge. Sleep Concierge uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 so that consumers can receive instant feedback to improve their sleep quality and customize their sleep experience, according to a news release.

“For us at Bryte, however, we’re launching Sleep Concierge based on direct customer feedback to go even further with our mattress’s adjustable comfort and sleep-tracking capabilities,” said Rex Harris, CPO of Bryte. “Thanks to the incredible pace of innovation coming from OpenAI, we are thrilled to roll out these new features to Bryte customers completely free of charge.”

When customers open the app, they can text a question to Sleep Concierge for personalized recommendations. For example, “I worked out too hard yesterday, and now my lower back hurts. Anything you can do to help me out?” According to company officials, Sleep Concierge can target specific areas by adjusting the mattress, which contains an adaptive core of 90 intelligent cushions that can individually change from soft to firm.

Or, if consumers wake up feeling groggy, they can tell Sleep Concierge, and the program will analyze their data to offer a solution for the next night. Perhaps the customer needed more deep sleep, so, in addition to adjustments, it will make environmental recommendations like a lower thermostat temperature. For those who have trouble falling asleep, Sleep Concierge can start Somnify, a built-in, multi-sensory relaxation experience with soundscapes synchronized to movements within the mattress.

Over time, Sleep Concierge can continue to both recommend and make adjustments to the comfort of the Bryte mattress in real-time, helping to ensure an optimal sleep experience tailored to individual preferences.