International Chiropractors Association Endorses Mlily Mattresses


Mlily received the International Chiropractors Association’s endorsement, and the ICA seal will soon appear on Mlily-branded products. The group also will collaborate with the Knoxville, Tennessee-based mattress manufacturer to develop new products.

“Our company has always been at the forefront of sleep science, so the ICA endorsement was very rewarding to us,” said Glenn Kobylarczyk, executive vice president of Mlily USA. “The fact that all our mattresses met their high standards across the board is a real testament to our company’s senior leadership and our research and development team.”

The ICA’s review board of chiropractors recently completed an extensive evaluation of all Mlily products. The board found that the products allowed the spine to be in its natural position while supporting the body during sleep.

The company launched a comprehensive training program for company sales representatives and retail sales associates at the Winter Las Vegas Market.