King Koil Now at Best Mattress


King Koil has secured placements at Las Vegas-based retailer Best Mattress. The 22-store chain is flooring three of the Avondale, Arizona-based manufacturer’s collections — Intimate, Luxury and Smartlife.

Best Mattress is King Koil’s third new retail customer in the final quarter of 2020. The store’s King Koil assortment will retail from $999 to $4,999, and will be floored at all of its retail locations.

“For more than 25 years, Best Mattress has served residents in Las Vegas and Utah with quality mattresses at a variety of price points to help its local community sleep better, feel better and work better,” said David Binke, King Koil chief executive officer. “The top retailer’s trained sleep consultants prioritize making mattress purchases a simple process for its customers, making the placement of our Smartlife mattress and its innovative point-of-purchase technology the perfect fit.”