Malouf Reveals New Augmented Reality Feature on Website


Malouf has added an augmented reality feature on that allows customers to mix and match furniture pieces like bed frames, adjustable bases and headboards. The AR addition gives retail partners a tool to highlight product variety and help customers build their ideal sleep system.

“Furniture is a category that we expect to see continued growth and success,” said Jesse Gibbs, vice president of national sales. “With this steady demand, we developed a web feature that makes it easier for retailers to sell furniture in their stores. It also helps them cross-sell an upholstered bed with a mattress to increase their overall average order value.”

To build the AR feature, Malouf’s 3D digital artists created detailed renderings for each furniture piece. Then the company’s software engineering team took the renderings to be developed and customized for the website. The goal was to provide an interactive experience that lets customers preview the scale, style and color of the furniture.

“Over 30 percent of consumers use augmented reality because they want to visualize products in their space before making a purchase,” said Ashlee Willes, brand manager at Malouf. “Our AR feature is a great way for retailers to engage with customers and assist them in creating a unique sleep setup.”