Sleep Number Launches Climate360 Smart Bed


Starting at $10,000, new bed addresses temperature issues affecting many sleepers.

Sleep Number’s Climate360 smart bed actively cools and warms sleepers to create their own microclimate and promote better sleep.

Sleep Number says its new Climate360 smart bed debuting this month is designed to help sleepers fall asleep faster and stay asleep by using advanced temperature technology to create a personalized, responsive microclimate.

The Minneapolis, Minnesota–based smart bed retailer says the new bed, available at the company’s almost 675 stores and on its website, addresses temperature regulation issues that affect 80% of couples.

“Struggling with temperature during sleep is a major challenge for many people, especially couples,” says Annie Bloomquist, Sleep Number’s chief innovation officer. “The Climate360 smart bed delivers the quality sleep needed to live a healthy life by regulating each partner’s temperature and adjusting to their personal sleep environment, their microclimate.”

The Climate360 bed can warm a sleeper’s feet, a step designed to help release heat through the skin to lower core body temperature. This sends signals to the brain that it’s bedtime and helps each individual fall asleep faster.

Throughout the night, as the body loses heat, the Climate360 bed uses routines or preferences selected by each individual to either cool or warm them. It can remove heat from the smart bed and the area immediately surrounding each sleeper, or it can warm them by gently pushing warm air into their microclimate.

Retails for the smart bed and its accompanying smart adjustable base start at $9,999 for a queen-size sleep set, a new top price point for the retailer. The previous high was about $7,800.

“Almost 90% of in-home testers reported that their sleep quality improved since using the Climate360 smart bed,” Bloomquist says. “We are not only launching our most advanced sleep technology but we’re also addressing temperature and comfort concerns in a way no bed has been able to do before.”

Sleep Number says research shows that a slight decrease of 1 to 1.5 degrees in core body temperature helps sleepers fall asleep quicker and stay asleep. The Climate360 smart bed is designed to help reduce core body temperature throughout the night, working with the sleeper’s natural sleep cycles to actively warm and then cool the microclimate for deeper, more restful sleep.

A Sleep Number survey found that 80% of couples report one or both partners sleeps too hot or too cold. Studies have shown that regulating temperature throughout the night can lead to higher sleep quality, the company says.

“Temperature is critical to our sleep environment and promotes our sleep onset,” says Dr. Peter Polos, a sleep medicine specialist and a Sleep Number sleep expert. “In fact, one of the triggers for sleep is a cool environment, so sleeping in elevated temperatures can raise your core body temperature and affect your sleep quality. We often underestimate the role a bed plays, but if your bed can’t dissipate or absorb heat, it’ll linger on your body and can keep your core temperature high.”

Climate360 smart beds include a smart adjustable base, offering both head and foot adjustability for more individualized comfort options.

Every Sleep Number 360 smart bed, including the new Climate360 model, is operated by a proprietary sleep system designed to deliver an adaptive and individually curated sleep experience. It tracks average heart rate, average breathing rate and body motion using sensors to deliver enhanced sleep wellness, remedy sleep issues, and aid in recovery to improve health over time.

Artificial intelligence and data science combine to enable the 360 smart beds to effortlessly adjust to sleepers throughout the night, according to Sleep Number.