Nationwide Marketing Group to Hold Event in August

PrimeTime returns to Las Vegas. Nationwide PrimeTime registration

Nationwide Marketing Group’s PrimeTime event will return to Las Vegas, Aug. 11-14, at the Venetian Convention and Expo Center.

“We’ve seen from our members that, no matter where we get together for PrimeTime, they realize the importance of being able to engage with our vendor partners and their peers,” Nationwide CEO Tom Hickman said. “We’re excited to get back together with a few thousand of our closest friends and set our members up for a strong finish to the year. And this show is going to be packed with some new and exciting opportunities for attendees.”

The August show will be the first opportunity for members to engage with the relaunched Nationwide Learning Academy. The digital platform, which incorporates feedback from past Virtual PrimeTime events, features a streamlined and more user-friendly interface. At PrimeTime, attendees will have the chance to learn about the upgrades and other forthcoming features that lean into a more personalized learning experience. In addition, they’ll be able to, once again, participate in education on the PrimeTime show floor.

“NLA has gone through a really incredible transformation over just the past few months,” said Shawn Ashby, director of education and training for Nationwide. “Members who’ve engaged with our learning platform in the past know the value that it can provide, both in-person and online. We’re excited to show them how they can get even more out of their experience with NLA moving forward.”

Nationwide Members can register for free at