Relief Bed Donates Mattresses to Turkey and Syria

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In recent months, nonprofit Relief Bed International has responded to significant need for mattresses around the globe, especially Turkey and Syria.

In December, the Seattle-based charity donated 500 beds to World Vision International, a faith-based humanitarian aid, development and advocacy organization.

“They have been a superb partner in providing us with real time information in affected countries,” said Scott Smalling, founder of Relief Bed, noting that World Vision plans to soon reach 1,000 people in Syria with bedding, emergency medication, diapers and meals.

 “This month we are proud to have partnered again with Convoy of Hope and donated 500 beds, which are on their way to support the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria,” Smalling said. “We also partnered with Convoy of Hope in May of 2022, when we donated 1,000 beds to help those displaced by the war in Ukraine.”

Convoy of Hope is an U.S. nonprofit humanitarian and disaster relief organization that provides food, supplies and humanitarian services to impoverished or needy populations throughout the world. 

“One important part of our mission is to ensure that we are partnering with organizations who have people on the ground in the affected areas,” Smalling said. “Shortly after our donations, we follow up with our partners and ensure that our beds are going to help those in need to the 
areas we are committed to. 

“The most recent total of 1,000 beds were donated proactively, as the need is immediate and they can’t wait,” he added. “To this end, we are asking for your help to fund these donations.” 

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