Spaldin Debuts Circular Mattress at ISPA Sustainability Conference

MöebiusOne, a fully circular mattress.

Logroño, Spain-based mattress producer Spaldin introduced MöebiusOne, a fully circular mattress-in-a-box, to North America at the ISPA Sustainability Conference Nov. 16 and 17 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Since we introduced in the U.S.A. our ‘greentech’ collection back in 2008, till our last introduction of Möebius in January of this year, we have been offering retailers and consumers, innovative, proven and tested sleep solutions that always go a step ahead,” said Oscar Valdemoros, president of Spaldin.

Designed under the principles of the circular economy, Möebius takes the company farther down the road to sustainability. Its philosophy of a circular economy aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits. This entails gradually decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources and designing waste out of the system.

Mattresses are one of the main contributors to global landfill waste. An estimated 20 million mattresses are disposed every year in the U.S., a vast majority being burned or deposited in land fields. Many of today’s mattresses are largely made of foam and glued layers of different materials, making recycling them a challenge.

Spaldin joined efforts in 2021 with Niaga, part of the German Covestro group, to develop an alternative mattress manufacturing process that uses a modular design and iron and polyester as raw materials. By using only those infinite materials and connecting the mattress layers in a reversible manner, Möebius can be made into a new mattress at the end of life so that no materials go to waste.

“We want to make our contribution to unravelling the issue of waste in the world,” Valdemoros said. “We know how scarce materials are, and we have to stop destroying them and start recovering them. Where others only see waste, we see valuable materials. Möebius is the best way we’ve found to be honest with our company and with our conscience.”

Möebius is not just a circular mattress, it’s an over-performing mattress, company officials say. By using 3D polyester layers and polyester-pocketed springs in an edge-edge configuration combined with nested and regular springs of different firmness levels, the mattress eliminates heat and moisture buildup.

The mattress also allows for healthy spine alignment: Sleepers sink deeper into the mattress but can change positions while they sleep, a news release states. The bed is also fire retardant without the use of chemicals or any other barriers.

Finally, the new Möebius mattress is antiallergenic and much more hygienic, company officials said. It can be shipped anywhere at a low cost and doesn’t cost more than a regular mattress of the same quality.

Scanning the Niaga tag on the Möebius mattress gives consumers access to each mattress’s “product passport.” It shows end users what their mattress is made of and how it can be returned after use to keep valuable materials in the loop.

“From a consumer point of view, the use of the Niaga tag ensures that you can contribute to the planet and sleep with a clear conscience,” Valdemoros said.