ErgoSportive Named CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree


ErgoSportive has received recognition as a CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Fitness and Sports category for its smart and adjustable bed that helps athletes sleep better and recover faster, according to a news release.

ErgoSportive bed.

The ErgoSportive bed offers a sleep and recovery system to athletes and fitness-focused individuals. Comprised of an adjustable smart bed with non-contact biometric health sensors, an integrated app and tech headboard with dimmable LED lights, ErgoSportive provides advanced features such as Zero-G, anti-snore, relaxation mode, underbed USB ports and a flex panel design.

The app reports sleep, recovery and health metrics, and makes suggestions for recovery. Sleep reports can be shared with a coach or trainer. ErgoSportive also connects to Garmin, providing advanced insight to health, fitness and recovery. It also offers complementary mattresses and pillows designed for the fitness and wellness enthusiast.

“We are extremely excited that ErgoSportive has been recognized with this honor as a CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree,” said Gui Peres, president, wellness division. “ErgoSportive is a global endeavor, and we could not have achieved this accolade without our partners at Ergomotion EU who were instrumental in its development. Together we are advancing athletic recovery and performance.”

This year’s CES Innovation Awards program, owned and produced by the CTA, received a record- breaking 2,100 submissions, which were reviewed based on outstanding innovation, engineering, functionality, aesthetics and design. ErgoSportive will display its bed at CES 2023, Jan. 5–8 in Las Vegas.

“At ErgoSportive we are athletes, partners, and parents like so many of our customers,” said Kyle Burns, manager, business development (wellness) at ErgoSportive. “We understand the critical role that sleep plays in maintaining a full, vigorous lifestyle, and we work diligently to provide sleep solutions that help athletes of all levels sleep better and recover faster.”

ErgoSportive is part of the wellness division of Santa Barbara, California-based Ergomotion Inc., which houses several brands within its wellness division, including ErgoSportive and Dawn House. Dawn House also received this honor in the digital health category for its bed that promotes rejuvenation for aging adults and people with changing needs.