New Year’s Resolutions for RSAs


Pick a goal to reach and make this your best year ever in mattress sales

This year, we want every mattress retail sales associate to be successful and satisfied at work, so we’ve compiled a list of new year’s resolutions for RSAs. Choose one — or, if you’re feeling especially ambitious, two — and get to work making this a great year.

1. “I resolve to spend one hour a month secret shopping competitors’ stores or e-commerce sites.” See what others are doing well and differently. 

2. “I commit to handing out 10 business cards a month — outside the store.” Give them to friends, acquaintances, strangers. You never know who might be in the market for a new mattress set.

3. “I will get to work 15 minutes earlier.” Use the extra time to greet your colleagues, unwind from your commute and ready yourself for the day ahead.

4. “I resolve to post one social media message every day about sleep, mattress shopping or sleep products.” Help your personal network better understand the link between a quality mattress and wellness.

5. “I vow to increase my sales of ______ (protectors, power bases, sheets, etc.) by ___%.” Sleep Savvy’s archives have practical tips for selling more of all these products at

6. “I will practice what I preach and assess the condition of my own sleep ensemble.” How old is your mattress? When was the last time you changed out your pillows? Replace anything that’s past its prime. You’ll sleep better and have a relatable story to share with shoppers.

7. “I resolve to listen to one podcast each week.” You can use podcasts to improve your sales and communications skills, strengthen work relationships or focus your career goals. They’re perfect for commutes.

8. “I will schedule my vacation time for the year by the end of January.” Rest and relaxation make you a better employee and co-worker — and your manager will appreciate the forethought.

9. “I vow to read one professional development book each quarter.” Whether you pick it up at the library or download to your smartphone, you can read during downtime instead of mindlessly scrolling social media.

10. “I commit to looking and feeling my best by booking a quarterly appointment at a day spa for a massage, manicure/pedicure or facial.” Scheduling time for yourself reduces stress and boosts confidence.

11. “I resolve to read each issue of Sleep Savvy magazine cover to cover.” We promise you’ll learn something useful in every issue!

12. “I will visit a vendor’s manufacturing facility.” If there’s one nearby, it’s a great way to further your education.

13. “I will commit to getting a good night’s sleep each night.” We hope this one is self-explanatory!


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