News You Can Use


You may think you’re too busy to slow down and read a newsletter, even a timely, well-written one., however, suggests that newsletters can help you stay competitive.

“Done well, they’re efficient and effective — that is, they cut through the bluster and more often than not help you see your own business in a new meaningful way,”’s Associate Editor Brit Morse wrote in May.

To guide you, put out a call to business owners asking for the best newsletters and came up with six that are not only jam-packed with useful information but are also a quick read. They’re delivered right to your inbox, and they’re free.

Here’s the list:

  • “21 Hats,” a daily email that combines articles, interviews and insights with the most important business news of the day
  • “Milk Road,” a savvy newsletter that helps you navigate the often cryptic world of crypto
  • “Understandably,” a collection of smart commentary on all sorts of topics by popular Inc. columnist Bill Murphy Jr.
  • “The Hustle,” a quirky offering that Morse describes as “a daily business newsletter for people who hate boring newsletters”
  • “The Daily Upside,” a morning newsletter that shares knowledge about smart investing before the market opens
  • Where’s Your Ed At,” a weekly email that focuses on topics related to workplace culture, business trends and technology

We also would like to humbly add our newsletter, BedTimes in Brief, to the list. The weekly email brings you the latest news from the bedding industry. Visit to subscribe.