Bedroom Allergy Tips: 3 Simple Hacks for a Better Night’s Sleep| Get Sleep Savvy


Bedroom Allergy Tips. Suffer from allergies, especially at night? Sleep expert Terry Cralle from the Better Sleep Council offers 3 quick and easy tips to keep your bedroom allergen-free and help you breathe easier while you sleep.


Terry Cralle
Are your allergies worse than ever? Maybe the solution is right in your bedroom. I recommend that you wash your sheets and bedding weekly to reduce allergens. I also recommend if you have a pet in the bed. Try putting that beloved pet on the floor or somewhere else in the room so they’re away from you. And last but not least, look into the vast array of products available for mattress and pillow protectors.

They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and materials, and you’re bound to find some that really help keep those microorganisms at bay.

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