College Sleep Hacks: From Cs to As with Better Sleep – Get Sleep Savvy


College can be tough on sleep, but it’s crucial for learning! Terry Cralle of the Better Sleep Council shares tips for college students on how to improve their sleep environment (earplugs, white noise!), manage stress (ditch the all-nighters!), and get the rest they need to ace those exams! #collegesleephacks #studytips #goodnightssleep


Terry Cralle
Too many C’s on that report card. Let’s talk about how to get a good night’s sleep so your college kid gets those C’s back up to A’s. Sleep helps our memory. Sleep helps us learn in every aspect. Too many times, college kids end up kind of sleeping on anything. So really look at optimizing the sleep surface. That’s a huge component of a good night’s sleep.

College kids have very limited control over their sleeping environment. Parties down the hallway, noise. They’re all kinds of things. So do as much as you can on an individual level in terms of earplugs, white noise, eye masks, anything you can do to limit the light and noise will help you get a good night’s sleep. And let’s talk about stress.

We know that college can be stressful. It’s a very competitive environment. A few things you can do is avoid all-nighters. It’s more important to be well-rested than to stay up all night trying to cram information into your head.

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