Let’s Resolve to Make 2021 Great for Retail!


Six resolutions to improve business operations and your professional life

Few of us are going to be sorry to say goodbye to 2020. Good riddance. Definitely! And so, as this year winds down, we eagerly turn our attention to 2021, when we hope to see an end to the coronavirus pandemic and an improving economy.

To help you get 2021 off to the right start, we’re offering six broad resolutions for mattress retailers. Pick one and tailor it to improve your professional life or your retail operation. The coming year could be your best ever!

1. “I will make taking care of my physical and mental health a priority.” The past year reminded us our health can be fragile. Make an appointment for a physical, schedule time to talk to a therapist, consult with your doctor about if/when you should get the coronavirus vaccine or schedule an overdue test. If you’ve put on weight during the pandemic, make time for regular exercise and clean the junk food out of the pantry. You’ll be more productive and efficient at work if you feel your best.

2. “I commit to omnichannel retailing.” The pandemic has accelerated the move to online browsing and buying, and retailers that have been reluctant to embrace e-commerce may not be around at the end of next year. Brick-and-mortar stores still have an important role, but your website must give consumers a wealth of product information, compelling consumer reviews and clear reasons why they should buy from you. And online sellers should find ways to allow customers to touch and feel their products — something many shoppers still want to do — by opening small showrooms or pop-ups or partnering with other retailers. Be everywhere customers want to shop.

3. “I resolve to be different.” Figure out what you do that no one else does as well as you do. And if you can’t easily explain how you’re different from your competitors, find a way to set yourself apart ASAP. Add a private label bedding line or step up your customer service. The bedding market has too many “me too” mattress retailers, and consumers can’t tell you apart.   

4. “I resolve to be a good student.” Commit to being a lifelong learner about the bedding industry and consumer behavior. Set aside 1 hour a week to read the latest issue of Sleep Savvy and our ShopTalk by Sleep Savvy weekly e-newsletter, visit vendors’ websites, preview upcoming trade shows and find other ways to study up on new products, selling strategies and more.

5. “I will take chances.” Now is not the time to do what you’ve always done. The industry is changing rapidly, particularly at the retail level. Resolve to take a calculated risk: open a new store (or close an unprofitable one), try a new vendor, change how you compensate your retail sales associates, revamp your marketing strategy — whatever will shake up your business and get it moving in a new direction. 

6. “I resolve to get a good night’s sleep.” Had some sleepless nights lately? If you sell the importance of sleep, commit to being well-rested yourself. After the past year, most of us could use tune-up for our sleep routines. Zzzz.