Corsicana Updates Collections

The graphic border on this redesigned American Bedding model from Corsicana is designed to turn heads on sales floors.

Manufacturer Corsicana, headquartered in Dallas, refreshed two collections and extended another for the Summer Las Vegas Market. 

The company redesigned six hybrid mattresses under the American Bedding label, giving them new foams, coil systems and covers. Thirteen value-priced Sleep Inc. beds also featured new components and covers. In addition, a new bed in the NightsBridge collection, Midnight Plush Hybrid, has a cooling cover, many layers of premium foams and a core of exclusive pocket coils. 

“We felt that we could inject a lot of excitement into American Bedding with re-engineered builds, which have qualities that enhance sleep, and a coil system, which provides edge-to-edge support,” said Eric Jent, executive vice president of sales. “Sleep Inc.’s position is as a provider of quality and comfort at a great price, and we have made that message even stronger with this relaunching effort.”

Commenting on the NightsBridge bed, Davis Whitworth, senior director of business development, added: “Since its launch two years ago, NightsBridge has resonated strongly, (becoming) the fastest growing in the Corsicana portfolio of brands. We want to continue to expand the NightsBridge offerings to meet consumer desires.”