Domfoam Acquires Foamco Industries

Domfoam Acquires Foamco Industries

Domfoam, a foam manufacturer based in Quebec, is expanding into the greater Toronto area and the broader Ontario market with the acquisition of Concord, Ontario-based Foamco Industries.  

This acquisition marks a significant milestone in Domfoam’s growth strategy, enabling them to better serve Canadian customers with enhanced delivery services and expanded production capabilities, company officials said. 

With the acquisition of Foamco, the supplier will now have the ability to offer next-day delivery services throughout Toronto and Ontario, ensuring speedy and efficient service for their customers, according to a news release. 

“This strategic move allows us to extend our reach and provide superior service to a broader market, meeting the growing demand for our products,” said Jonathan Pomerantz, CEO of Domfoam. 

“The acquisition of Foamco is great for Domfoam, it solidifies the fact that we are ready to compete with our biggest competitors and it is very exciting for the Domfoam family to grow,” said Karim Khoury, vice president of operations. 

With the addition of Foamco, Domfoam now operates five manufacturing facilities totaling more than 550,000 square feet, strategically located in Quebec and Ontario. 

“This expansion not only enhances our production capacity but also ensures healthy competition for our customers by providing a third manufacturing option,” Pomerantz said. “Our increased capabilities will allow us to meet the diverse needs of our consumers more effectively, delivering high-quality foam products with greater efficiency.”  

Pino Cappuccino, plant manager, agreed. “This helps us become stronger and more stable as a company moving forward, it helps us show to all our competitors that we are a company to be reckoned with and we are here to stay.”