“A New Path Forward”


Jeff Giagnocavo of Gardner’s Mattress & More co-authors book to help independent retailers succeed when facing tough competition

Jeff Giagnocavo (left) and Mike Capuzzi are co-authors and business partners.

“Independent mattress store owners deserve to get the best customers with the best profits with the least headaches,” says Jeff Giagnocavo, co-owner of Gardner’s Mattress & More in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who has co-authored the new book, “7 Habits of Super Successful Mattress Retailers.” “This book is about how to do just that.”

“Main Street retail businesses,” Giagnocavo says, are facing “an onslaught of online sellers, DTC brands and big box stores.” The new book helps “to provide a new path forward, (to) shift their position for success on the battlefield,” he explains.

Through “7 Habits of Super Successful Mattress Retailers,” Giagnocavo hopes retailers will “see there is a different, less stressful path forward, filled with affluent customers who respect and value their expertise, products and services in the town they do business in.” And he encourages retailers to “align with other smart and successful mattress retailers like themselves” because “there is strength in numbers.”

The book, which can be read in about an hour, is intended for owners and managers of sleep shops and regional chains, as well as decision-makers with marketing responsibilities.

Giagnocavo has contributed articles to Sleep Savvy in the past and has authored other books, both for retailers and consumers. Earlier this year, he released “Sleep Better,” which explains sleep-related topics to help consumers better understand the mechanics of getting a good night’s rest.

Giagnocavo co-authored his latest book with Mike Capuzzi, his business partner in Infotail, which assists independent retailers, particularly mattress sellers, with marketing and business systems. Giagnocavo is chief sales officer for Infotail. He and Capuzzi, who is a speaker, author, consultant and coach, have been business partners since 2014.

Retailers can purchase “7 Habits of Super Successful Mattress Retailers” at NAOSBS.com/Book. It is available for $10 and, for a limited time, comes with three bonus items, including a digital version of Giagnocavo’s book “77 High Impact, Low Budget Tips to Sell More Mattresses Easily.”