7 Companies Will Make Their Las Vegas Debut in the SSA Sleep Pavilion



4 companies return after a break from Las Vegas, and 14 veteran companies will bring innovative sleep products to buyers visiting the Specialty Sleep Association’s busy showroom (C1565).

The Specialty Sleep Association’s Sleep Pavilion on the 15th floor of C Building in Las Vegas is always a place to see what is new in the sleep industry.  Whether it be from companies and brands making their rookie appearance or from seasoned veterans showing off their innovative sleep solutions, the vibrant SSA Sleep Pavilion is a must for sleep product buyers.  “We have some really exciting new brands showing this market, you don’t want to miss these guys!  To make it fun, we’re giving buyers a chance at $50 cash when they get their badge scanned at the door.  If you sell sleep, we want to see you in our showroom” says SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones.

Making their Las Vegas Debut

Bob the Pillow

Bob the Pillow was developed and designed in an effort to create a more versatile leg pillow than anything on the market. Extensive research couldn’t find a leg pillow to help with hip, knee, and back pain while also providing comfort and promoting your body to stay in the proper side sleep position. Everything on the market either required a fixed leg position, straps, had a lack of air movement, and/or provided inconsistent support for the full leg. With this, Bob the Pillow was designed and developed to provide a better night’s sleep.

Boccuzzi Home, who since 1979 has been m anufacturing in Italy and is presently in 19 countries, brings their luxury Italian made products to the US market. Boccuzzi Home is carrying a full line of 100% natural cotton, non-slip mattress covers, mattress protectors and pillow protectors.  Delivering superior comfort and protection while using 100% natural Italian cotton, Boccuzzi has been part of the movement towards sustainable cotton products since long before it has been in vogue. Today, as demand for all natural products is growing exponentially, the Boccuzzi Home products are uniquely positioned for USA success as the natural purity of their mattress covers and protectors is of particular significance to the luxury market.

With luxury detail and attention-grabbing packaging, Boccuzzi Home is expecting their products to be disruptors in the category. Harry Goodman, who is spearheading the USA launch, commented that “Boccuzzi products are of the highest quality, integrity, and authenticity, and with such timeless, deep-rooted Italian sensibilities, we are confident this launch into the US market will deliver devoted customers and success for the brand and our partners.”

Since 1991, HealthGuard has been a Canadian leader in premium hypoallergenic mattress protection. Thanks to on-going innovation, all their products focus on protecting your health by providing an improved sleeping environment combined with outstanding comfort. They take pride in caring for the environment by manufacturing most of their products in Canada, using recyclable packaging and compressing their products so they fit into smaller packages.

Coming to America in 2023, HealthGuard production facilities, they are excited to launch their brand-new Cool Ice and Active Charcoal products at the Las Vegas Market. They will also display all their current assortment of mattress protectors, encasements, pillows, and sheets, and encourage you to stop by.

Modrn Motion will be debuting at the Vegas market its new patent pending adjustable base & smart headboard line up, all packaged for small parcel shipping designed and made to be sold and ship easy for online and in store sales. 


Sanders Collection, providing affordable bedding solutions for the last 40 years, is proud to introduce their newest affordable luxury line of top of bed/bottom of bed products… Sleeptone.  Their Sleeptone line features a full array of unique product offerings including 6 piece sheet sets with included duvet covers, cooling pillows for all sleepers, down and alternative down comforters, five sided and cooling protectors, and adjustable bed bases. Each product has been designed to offer a superior quality and value, at an affordable mid-tier price point, extremely competitive in today’s marketplace.  The Sanders Collection will also feature their Phoenix iSelect mattress.  They sought to fill a void in the adjustable comfort mattress category. Until now, if you were looking for a mattress that allows you to choose your individual comfort on your side of the bed, you could be paying $3000+. The Phoenix iSelect line of mattresses opens the category to a much broader consumer base, looking for an affordable adjustable comfort mattress with a premium finish.  9 out of 10 couples have opposing mattress preferences. Now you can choose with a simple flip. Firm or soft on your side of the mattress. Unzip and flip to achieve your ideal comfort.

Founded in 2021, Somnus Mattress International is an emerging specialty mattress manufacturer located in Blacksburg, South Carolina.  They will be bringing their brand of bonnel spring mattresses, pocket spring mattresses and foam mattresses.

Vesgantti originated in Italy and was founded in the United Kingdom in 2014 with a mission to provide affordable mattresses for everyone around the world. As a trusted and well-known mattress brand in the UK, Vesgantti continues to thrive due in part to the core values in the areas of comfort, quality, affordability, and sustainability.  Vesgantti mattress has been rated as Top Mattresses for Optimal Sleep by Medium, and Best Queen Size Mattresses by BestReviews.guide. Every mattress is certified through the CertiPUR-US® program. Vesgantti is confident with their quality, and offers hassle-free return, 100 Night Risk-free Trial, and 10 YEARS Limited Warranty. There is a drop shipping option with a completive shipping rate in addition to bulk purchasing. Warehouses in the US, Canada, UK, EU, Asia provide fast delivery to buyers.

After a time away from Market, these companies are back in the SSA Sleep Pavilion

Blue Ridge Home Fashions offers a complete line of natural filled and down alternative bed pillows, comforters, and mattress toppers. They are an official licensee of Serta, Beautyrest, Martha Stewart, Kathy Ireland Home and Farm To Home. In addition, they’ll be introducing a new line of products featuring 37.5 Technology (thirtysevenfive.com). 37.5 Technology creates a more comfortable sleeping environment by delaying the onset of liquid sweat, drying faster, increasing comfort, and helping to control odor.

Baltica Natural Products is introducing the Arcusbeds Organic Classic, a luxury European mattress, handcrafted in small numbers as an exclusive limited edition. It is made to be an honest, safe and robust product, using only the finest-quality certified organic and natural materials and top-level workmanship. Even the pocket coils are encased in natural cotton calico. Its unique, multi-layered and multi-zoned design by an orthopedic surgeon provides comfort, lumbar support and durability. Organic Classic is dual-sided with two different comfort levels for the customer who prefers a slightly firmer mattress. It is covered in our signature unbleached, organic cotton herringbone ticking, which meets US flammability standards without chemical flame retardants. Their certifications for quality, safety and organic and natural content come with every purchase.

Beaudoin metal bed frames.

Beaudoin is a Canadian manufacturer of metal bed frames, platforms and other products to support the mattress since 1963.  Their customers look to Beaudoin for simple and solid products from a flexible and reliable North American manufacturer.  Theirfocus at this Winter market is on their platforms collection.  Design and branding options, US warehousing and manufacturing capacity all make it a must see space during your market visit!

And the veterans are “bringing it” to January Market

The Anti Aging Bed

The makers of their revolutionary biohacking mattress, The Anti Aging Bed, say customers can sleep their way younger by sleeping cleaner and protected thanks to  medical-grade, anti-microbial bed covers with woven pure silver. This patented protection fully grounds you while sleeping by regulating digital signals entering your body while asleep. It neutralizes all these harmful signals from electronics throughout the night so you awaken balanced, bright, and ready to take on the day.  Check out the full kit including the Anti Aging Bed Cover, Zippered Liner, Grounding Plug, Carrying Case, and Printed Instructions. Certain countries may require a grounded adapter.

Come take a peek beneath their sheets to see the latest in sustainable mattress and sleep innovation from Cariloha, where they combine sustainable, carbon-neutral materials with luxury and comfort to help you sleep every day like you do on vacation.

Electropedic will introduce a bed pillow designed with your sleep, well-being and health in mind. Cut and Sewn Curved Side Sleep Bed Pillow range has been designed to complement your sleep …  The pillow cover is soft, breathable and machine washable.

I Love Pillow

Check out this revolutionary Cool Fit brand at I Love Pillow.  Cool Fit is a winning combination of performance and athleisure design. Their Ergo support memory foam pillows feature the most advanced performance fabric available. Their proprietary TRI Fit Fabric is the perfect blend of cooling, moisture wicking and stretch fit comfort. A true lifestyle product available in several color options and profiles including youth sizes.

W.Silver Products is offering adjustable beds, high rise platform bases and bed frames.

This winter, TFS Natural Home by The Futon Shop is bringing you the biggest selection of stunning furniture to date. With a huge selection of sofas, TFS will be showcasing a new addition to a stunning sofa collection adding the beautiful Oslo sofa. It is a mid-century modern organic sofa, 100% petrochemical free with framing and bottom wood molding designed in solid Alder. Another addition to the TFS line is the yoga collection. This collection of breathing cushions, stretching mats and more have 4 washable fabrics in aloe vera, copper infused, Bamboo, and organic cotton fabric. The yoga props are filled with Oeko-Tex certified horsetail and natural wool and 100% chemical free buckwheat hulls. Next TFS added 3 more fabric colors and a custom option to their very popular Modern eco sofabed. The ecosofa bed is a spacesaving luxurious, and sustainable option for guests and lounging. Get ready for a day of amazing design inspiration at our Winter Furniture Market!

Eurolux, LLC will be showcasing the “Attainable Luxury” in their mattresses.  Their Harmony and Multisens Elite Collection is the perfect collaboration of Italian, German, Swiss and Spanish materials and craftmanship.  Featuring Italian ticking and foams, German pocketed micro-coils and coils, Swiss thermoregulating technology and Swiss aromatherapy, this is one of the most elegant mattresses to ever come from Europe.  The Novis Artisanal Collection, designed and partially hand-made by their Artisans, is the perfect combination of natural Talalay latex, mohair, silk and pocketed coils for the ultimate luxurious experience.   And for the most personalized mattresses in the market, look no further than the Eurolux Premium and Lux Silver Naturalia Collection, 100% Oeko-Tex Certified, offering personalized firmness options per side, Winter/Summer options in the topper, advanced bedbug, dust mite and antiviral treatment and the most advanced SoyBased memory foam in the Market.

Cannabeds will have their hemp mattresses and pillows made with a Hemp blend cover on display. At retail prices ranging from $699-$1499, Hemp is a miracle fabric that is naturally hypoallergenic, bed bug resistant, regulates temperature to keep you cool and dry, has antibacterial properties, is way better for the environment than cotton or man made fabrics, stronger and softer than cotton and so much more. Cannabeds mattresses are available rolled on non rolled and there is a direct to consumer/ drop ship option across Canada and the U.S.A. Their Cannabeds hemp pillow is made with a removable hemp cover and filled with a chipped up gel memory foam blend so it can shaped and formed into the ideal position for any sleeper.