Conquering Public Speaking: 10 Tips to Transform Your Skills


Listen, my children, and you shall hear
Of the public speaker who was captured by fear. 
Noticeably nervous, he fidgeted and danced,
Then he hemmed and he hawed till he about wet his pants.

Conquering Public Speaking

That doesn’t have to be you. Yes, public speaking is recognized as one of our most crippling fears, but with a little guidance — and lots of practice — you can transform your public speaking skills from an albatross around your neck to a feather in your cap. 

Here are some tips to help you conquer public speaking, courtesy of workplace consultancy Coursera:

Know your audience.

“You’re more likely to feel comfortable presenting to an audience if you know who they are,” Coursera wrote. 

Practice, practice, practice.

And then, practice some more. 

Use feedback to your advantage.

Constructive criticism can be your best friend. 

Make it your own.

Add your own personality or flair to your presentation to engage your audience. 

Connect with a personal story.

Anecdotes are great for enhancing your presentation. 

Make eye contact.

This is a common practice for effective communication. 

Use the stage to your advantage.

Know where you’ll be speaking, understand the setup of the room and make the space yours. 

Calm your nerves.

When the butterflies come — and they will — take a deep breath. 

Record yourself speaking.

Self-evaluation can be a valuable tool. 

Make a lasting impression with a strong conclusion.

Leave ’em with something they won’t soon forget. 

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