Winter wonderland of rest


Better Sleep Council survey reveals cold weather is the perfect time to sleep, snuggle and smooch

winter wonderland sleep Winter wonderland of restA little more than half of Americans (51%) sleep more in the winter and 42% find winter the best sleeping season, according to a new survey from the Better Sleep Council, the nonprofit consumer-education arm of the International Sleep Products Association. 

Close to one-third of respondents choose to cuddle up, stay in bed longer or have sex to keep warm during the winter months. And many cuddling fans prefer to snuggle up in their beds (28%).

A majority (77%) of those who keep away winter’s chill by having more sex said they find intimacy more satisfying when the weather is cold outside.

Further, most Americans surveyed (86%) believe there are distinct benefits to cuddling. These feelings were strongest among respondents who reported having a comfortable mattress.

“There are a variety of reasons why people may be sleeping, having more sex and cuddling in the winter months,” said Terry Cralle, a registered nurse, certified clinical sleep educator and BSC spokeswoman. “With colder temperatures in many parts of the country and shortened daylight hours, people may find they want to go to bed earlier. Certainly, there are many benefits to turning in earlier, including getting a full night’s rest, and, for couples, they have more time with each other.”

Regardless of when you turn in, retailers can share these BSC tips with consumers for better winter sleep:

  • Share a bedtime. Find a mutual time that works for both your schedules. If your bedtimes don’t match, be considerate of your partner’s sleep habits.
  • Go screenless. Keep laptops, phones and work out of the bedroom to create a more relaxing atmosphere.
  • Check your temperature. Many couples find they prefer to sleep at different temperatures. One solution is to double-fold blankets so one partner has more coverage to stay warm.
  • Maximize cuddle time with a good mattress. If you’re going to spend more time in bed, take a close look at your current mattress and talk to your partner about his or her comfort during the night.

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