Don’t Drive Drowsy: It’s Like Driving Drunk | Get Sleep Savvy


Drowsy driving danger. Think twice before driving tired! Sleep expert Terry Cralle from the Better Sleep Council uses a powerful analogy to show just how dangerous drowsy driving can be. Get enough sleep before you hit the road – your life and the lives of others depend on it.


Terry Cralle
Hey, here’s a scenario for you. You get up in the morning, you get the kids ready for school, and you’re getting ready to put them in the cart. But wait, first, you take a few shots of tequila. Sounds crazy. We know that too much alcohol and driving don’t mix it all. But guess what else doesn’t mix? Sleep deprivation and driving. Drowsy driving.

It’s actually a very, very dangerous and often life-threatening situation. Don’t drive drowsy. Make sure you’ve had plenty of sleep before you get behind the wheel. You can save your life and the lives of those you love.

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