Dave & Way Go to Market


Follow along with Dave Perry and Waynette Goodson as they preview the 2022 Summer Las Vegas Market and all the excitement that awaits attendees


Dave Perry
Hey, Dave Perry, editor at large of BedTimes. Welcome to our Las Vegas market preview. Waynette Goodson, our managing editor, and I are here to give you the quick highlights. It’s been a busy month for us. Waynette it has been collating and analyzing press releases. Waynette, what have you found?

Waynette Goodson
Well, Dave, there is so much going on in this market. I know that typically word on the street is July is just not anywhere near as busy as January. And, you know, I’m new to the industry and I believe that. But I think everybody is going to be surprised that there is much more going on than you might think is going on.

Now, for me personally, what I’m excited about is the idea of ISPA starting to focus on the designers coming into the bedding industry, which I experienced so much in the casual furniture category. So this market, I’m kicking off a designer video series idea and designer features, talking about manufacturers partnering with designers to design new collections to start designer programs.

It’s just a creative, new way to bring new energy to the industry and to also drive those sales in what is a very challenging time. Consumers are very enamored with designers, so that’s what’s ringing my bell. Dave, what are you going to be up to?

Dave Perry
Well, you’ve already said the magic word, which is videos. I’ll be shooting a lot of videos myself for the “Take Five With Dave” series and also for “Inside the Mind of the Mattress Shopper”. Those are two features that we’ve been running for a while now, and I love the fact that we get industry leaders and they share their insights into what’s going on in the industry.

You know you noted in some ways this is a challenging time. It’s really important to hear from industry leaders, and that’s what I’m looking forward to doing. On the product side. Diamond Mattress has a new showroom. They have a new technology. They also have a gel bed, and they have Craig McAndrews, a longtime bedding executive. I’ve known him for years and years.

He’s going to bring a lot of energy and insight to the industry, and I’m looking forward to catching up with him. Bella Plast has a new compressible bed base that has cellulose fibers. They are in the SSA showroom. I’m looking forward to seeing that. And Waynette, let’s get your final thoughts on any products that you’re especially excited about.

Waynette Goodson
Well, I’m looking at my list here because so much has come in. We hear that Mlily is going to showcase its first introduction of new products since the start of the pandemic. That’s going to be big. We’ve got new companies making debuts. We’ve got Deluxe Home, Puffy, Sherwood Bedding, Standard Fiber and many more in that SSA sleep pavilion to keep up with.

We’re seeing a lot of creative new marketing ideas this market and I want to give a shout-out to McRoskey Mattress Works because I’m so excited to see their new soulfully crafted coffee table book that they’re unveiling at Market. They’ve got this new cracker Jack deal with Williams-Sonoma home for their modern collection. So the deal is that consumers who buy this modern mattress at Williams-Sonoma will get to take home this beautiful coffee table book about the 120-year history of McRoskey.

So mad props for them. Magna Flex your Magna Cool collection you’re updating that I’m going to come to the igloo-inspired, temperature-controlled room because we’re going to have to hydrate. It’s going to be 115 degrees. Oh, my goodness. There is so much to think about in planning for this market day. Wrap us up.

Dave Perry
The wrap-up is it is going to be hot, but there is a thing that’s called air conditioning and that makes a huge difference. And there’s just going to be a lot of excitement in Vegas. January is always off the charts. July is a real opportunity to catch up, maybe with companies you didn’t see in January. So hey, I am thrilled to be working with you Waynette. Safe travels out there and we’ll

Waynette Goodson
Our wrap videos, right? Promo those!

Dave Perry
Yes, we’re going to have wrap-up videos on Sunday and Monday. And so look for those. Waynette, safe travels. I’ll see you out and let’s go pack.

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Waynette Goodson
I got to go pack, everybody. See you soon.

Dave Perry
All right, you guys take care. Thanks. Bye bye.