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Survey Finds Consumers Adopting Savvier Shopping Habits

Exclusive Better Sleep Council Research BY JULIE A. PALM A 2016 study from the Better Sleep Council, the consumer-education arm of the International Sleep Products Association, reveals changes in bedding-shopping behavior, including shorter replacement cycles, an expectation of higher ticket prices, a commitment to brick-and-mortar stores but an interest in online outlets and more. Shh.  Hear […]

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Generation Z Enters the Workforce with Ambition

Gen Z is about to hit the workforce. Here’s the scoop on a generation that blends old-school values with the digital world: Look out, retailers: Here comes Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2009, and about to enter the workplace with a bang. According to a survey by, an employment website based in Weston, […]

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Go Ahead, Nap, If You Can at Washington D.C. Sleep Boutique

Meditation and sleep boutique offers 20-minute respites in troubled times. In the middle of a stress-filled fall election season, a savvy Washington, D.C., entrepreneur opened a meditation and sleep boutique called Recharj in the heart of the city. An Oct. 13 headline in The Washington Post read, “Would You Pay for a 20-Minute Nap? This […]

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  • Kitchen Cures for Sleeplessness January 10, 2017
    When it’s late at night and you just can’t get to sleep what do you do? Well, many of us head for the kitchen, open the cupboard, and try to remember what Grandma would have advised us to do. Thankfully, Grandmothers everywhere have passed down recipes for drinks that can help us to settle into […]
    Jasmine Wood
  • How to Achieve Sweet Slumber During the Hectic Holiday Season December 20, 2016
    “Family Feud” is a popular television game show based on some interesting polls of public opinion. Recently one of the questions went like this: On a scale of one to ten, how stressful is Christmas? One hundred people were surveyed, and the number one answer was “ten!” While the idea of a relaxing holiday with […]
    Jasmine Wood
  • Setting the Stage for a Good Night’s Sleep December 13, 2016
    The nightly production is about to begin. You have rehearsed this many times, but to be sure your daytime performance is award winning, let’s review your starring role as a “good sleeper” to make sure your sleep show goes off without a hitch. Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse Keep your bed and wake times as consistent as […]
    Jasmine Wood