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  • Sleeping Easy Before School Starts August 23, 2016
    It’s that time again! School supplies and backpacks are on sale and every store is selling the latest brands of clothing and shoes, but is your child actually ready for school now? One of the most important things your child will need to prepare for the upcoming school year is, REST. After revisiting a blog […]
    Jasmine Wood
  • The Sweet Smell of Sleep! July 26, 2016
    Rather than ask who is stressed out and sleep deprived these days, it’s probably easier to ask who isn’t. And just how are we supposed to fall asleep at a decent hour when the stress of the day lingers, and we just can’t seem to relax and unwind at bedtime? Your Nose to the Rescue […]
    Jasmine Wood
  • Ways to Ensure a Sleep-Healthy Family continued… June 21, 2016
    As a continued piece from the previous article, these are more practices that your family can adopt. Encourage every family member to practice good sleep hygiene. Research has demonstrated that good sleep hygiene practices are associated with better sleep in all age ranges. Ensure all family members have an established, consistent, and reproducible bedtime routine […]
    Jasmine Wood