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  • Who gets sick in the summer? July 1, 2015
    Last Tuesday the high was 92 degrees outside. Inside it wasn’t much better. I broke out with a summer fever and hit the 101 degree mark. First – who the heck gets sick in the summer??? Me, I guess that’s who. Second – I felt too crappy to go to the Rite-Aid that is .2 […]
  • Can a messy room affect sleep? June 17, 2015
    When I was a child, I felt like nothing mattered more to my mother than for my bed to be made and my room to be clean. She stressed the importance of how a clean room shapes your day. At the age of 12, I couldn’t care less and personally, I only felt she wanted […]
  • Color Me…Calm May 20, 2015
    I’m always looking for new ways to relax and relieve stress, which in turn nearly always improves the quality of my sleep. And there’s a delightful, new (and also retro) way to unwind. Coloring books for adults! You heard right. In fact, I received a few books and a set of 50 colored pencils for […]