Hästens’ $1 Million Grand Vividus Bed Set Debuts in North America

Grand Vividus Luxury Bed. Hästens’ $1 Million Grand Vividus Bed Set Debuts in North America

In 2020, Hästens unveiled its three-piece Grand Vividus bed set, a collaboration between the Swedish luxury bed manufacturer and designer Ferris Rafauli. Now, for the first time, the complete set (a Grand Vividus mattress, headboard and bed frame) is available in North America and is on display inside the company’s newest showroom in the United States, in Houston’s River Oaks District. 

“As a truly global city with an international reputation, Houston presents an ideal opportunity to bring the Grand Vividus to a larger audience,” says Bradley Belen, managing director of Hästens for MadaLuxe Group’s home division. 

Retailing at $1 million, the company states that, as far as it knows, it is the “most expensive bed set in the entire world.” According to a news release, the headboard comes in four upholstery colors (Black Shadow, Phantom Charcoal, Natural Shale and Traditional Blue), with eye-catching design details like mohair accents and poplin piping. The bed frame holds the Grand Vividus mattress, which comes in soft, medium and firm feels and contains a “higher volume of hand layered horse tail hair, wool, cotton, flax and slow-growing Swedish pine” than other models offered by the company.  

Thanks to the sumptuous materials used in its construction, Hästens states that the set “embodies the kind of uncompromising artisan craftsmanship found in the most exclusive realms of interior architecture and haute couture fashion.”